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Friday, January 30, 2009

Got Love? 4x4 Oil

"Hey You", "Get Real", "Awesome" and "Got Love?" are the words on these - and I think I discovered the deal with the 'modern' words - these are made by Brach's.... My usual Candy Hearts were made by the local company, Necco. So at CVS today (picking up the new Dog Show photos) I found the Necco Hearts - and will paint them soon, too. Also I'm going to update my Studio Blog soon, with some larger paintings I'm working on, and almost done, as well as my "Daily Painting" wall in my studio....


  1. Kelley, I love your candy series! So nostalgic, I remember these from way back! You did a great job showing the reflection of the hearts! Just beautiful!

  2. Wow you have been super busy!
    I get these hearts every year. Love em....And I still remember the first time they started putting "e-mail me" in there. I was SO disappointed.
    I think you and I may think alike. I just bought boxes of these the other day, and I love the packaging and thought they would make a good painting....You should do the box too!
    Love seeing something new from you all the time!

  3. My first visit here. Lovely little paintings with great light in them!
    As for the candy hearts, I quit eating them years ago after breaking a tooth. I just couldn't stop myself from biting down. But these are great! I can just imagine the taste.

  4. Hi, Nancy! Thank you - it's nostalgia, not love of the actual candy, that set me to doing this series. Katie, I just DID buy a box (those are the Necco brand) after getting these in a bag (first I typed 'bog', then I typed 'gag'.... maybe I should move on in terms of subject?) Welcome Donald, and many thanks for the kind comment!

  5. Oh, I do love your little candy hears paintings! Terrific! Hey you really live in the same town as the Necco candy company? When my son was little we hid Necco wafers for him to was a hoot. It was as much fun to hide them as watching him hunt for them. Winter-time activity in the mountains of Idaho!


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