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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wild And Crazy Martini, 8x8 Inch Acrylic Painting by Kelley MacDonald

 I got about 90% of this done in class at North River.  A student/friend graciously let me use this vivid fabric and I LOVE it.   I visualize this framed in a white wood frame, in a bar area or kitchen... I love the fabric background, and MAN was it a fun challenge to see how it looks when viewed through the vodka and glass!

So here's to you. Friends, artists, art lovers and just basic great women...CHEERS!  Celebrate!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Flowers And A Sweet Treat, by Kelley MacDonald

These are my very favorite Peonies from my old garden.  What do I love painting more?  The lush pink petals, the frou frou white centers?  Or..... the GLASS?  It's funny, when I start to paint these flowers I always think "CAN I do this?"  then I just stop worrying, and just do it.  And most of the time... it works.  This is a great little gift for a June birthday, anniversary or a 'just because' thing (or for yourself...).  I never get tired of looking at these flowers. 

And, we have big doings this weekend as my oldest son is getting married Saturday (so excited!), but on Sunday you can bet I'll be at the North River Arts Society's annual Festival.  Saturday and Sunday... seriously, great juried show, great crafts, photography, music, food... and a truly amazing art sale (art in the barn).  Here are a few FRAMED paintings I put in.  Really good price.  I decided a couple of years ago that I would only put things in this sale that I would buy myself, or hang on my own walls.  No clearing out of stuff that didn't sell elsewhere, or paintings that just weren't good enough.  So.... here are the candy paintings that will be there:

I guess '3' is the lucky number for me, eh?

Friday, May 13, 2016

Double Drip, 6x6 inch Acrylic Painting by Kelley MacDonald


I've been spending all day with these two babies under the lights and the scent was killing me!   I hadn't done a donut painting in so long, and have been working on Tulips (in an 8x8 inch size, for the Festival at North River Arts Society, art in the Barn) which I have been totally loving.  The tulips, these plus more, will be at an AMAZING price (they are larger than my regular Daily Paintings, and I've discounted them for the purpose of making what I consider a donation to North River, which is a totally awesome art group).  Here are a few of them:

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Ruby, 6x6 inch Acrylic by Kelley MacDonald


Happy Mothers' Day to all you mothers, to all of you who have lost your mothers, mothers who have lost their children, women who yearn to be mothers... all.  This, as I get older, has become such a laden day.  Of course, I think of my own mother... who, if I'm to be honest, I held at arm's length for years.  What was I afraid of?  That I wasn't a perfect child?  That she wasn't a perfect Mom?  How I wish I could get just one of those years back, because now... well, now I know.  It doesn't matter.  What matters is that she loved me, and I loved her, and what I wouldn't give to lavish her with love, affection and treats .... ach.  That is a wish I'll never get.  And I know she knows I hear her voice in my head ALL THE TIME.  When I'm impatient with someone I hear her saying "They are doing the very best that they can."  When I'm critical of someone she's saying "If they could change that about themselves they would." "Just do your best (really?  because that one always went against the sort of judgement that I needed to be the 'best'...)."  Still.  I can look back now and see her frustrations, and her sense of loss which she felt all her life, after losing her parents and ending up in an orphanage.

And what I have that endures are her real gifts.  Courage.  Strength.  Faith (which, yes, gets wobbly and even missing sometimes, but oops, there it is again!).  Stubbornness.  Drive.  And compassion.  All things which are the essentials in this world, gifts from her.  Gifts I hope I can pass on to my own 3 wonderful children.  

Friday, May 6, 2016

Cinco De Mayo, 6x6 inch Acrylic Painting by Kelley MacDonald

How would you like it?  Straight up or frozen?  Hmmm... Maybe you like it one way and your best buddy/friend/significant other likes it the other?  Whatever way you make it or buy it, it is delish!  I like mine extra lime-y.  I remember my favorite Margarita story.. I was painting in Mexico, in San Miguel de Allende with Paula Villanova and it was Easter Week (had we realized this we may have picked another week, but the crowds were fun, too).  Paula and I were painting in the Jardin (town square) and she went for a walk.  I jokingly asked her how much I could sell her painting for, and she said some silly answer like $20.  We laughed, and don't you know I sold both paintings on our easels while she was gone!  I gave the guy a terrific price and he was thrilled, as were we.  Paula and I celebrated by spending the afternoon in a very cool, beautiful restaurant drinking the best Margaritas (straight up) I have ever had, to this day.  Don't remember too much about the rest of the day, but I'm sure it was fun. :)  I will get back to that lovely town.....  And if you enjoy Paula's paintings, you can see them as well on our Girls Just Wanna Paint blog. 
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