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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Salt Water Taffy, 5x5 Inches, Acrylic

Another one for my show at Nest in Dedham in September.
If you are interested in this, you would have to call Nest to arrange the purchase.  Salt water taffy is really cute and sculptural.  I have been painting like a madwoman, and loving every minute of it.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Birds On A Fence, 12x12 Mixed Media

This is another for my show at Nest in Dedham, for the month of September.  I painted on the Cape last week for a few days, and on our way home, Sally Dean and I attended a talk on mixed media by artist Mary Moquin, who is one of my favorites.  She is doing oil and cold wax medium work, and I was completely inspired.  So I picked up some cold wax and mixed it with my oil paint in this.  It makes the paint thicker and 'waxy', and leaves it a little translucent. Still fiddling around and working it out, but I was happy with how this came out.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Sweet Jelly Donuts, 5x5 inch Oil painting by Kelley MacDonald

As I told Susan Roden regarding our Monday Donut War... I'm a day late and a dollar short - but I'm blaming the hurricane!  Could not BUY a donut on Sunday, and today, truly, it was above and beyond the call of duty just finding a donut shop that was not sold out!  The towns next to me were still without power, so those shops were closed.  The town where my studio is - I kid you not - had a police officer directing people in and out of the chock full Dunkin Donuts lot - the line to get IN was 5 cars long on the road...  the next one - closed.  The first open one had (literally) one bagel, one cookie and one croissant - no donuts left.  You see, in the towns where people had no power, they could not get coffee - so they drove to towns WITH power.  
I ended up driving THREE hours, searching 4 towns - then actually calling ahead to secure my jelly donuts - but I always get my donuts, and here they are.  They will be in the show at Nest, starting Labor Day Weekend, in Dedham Center.  Opening 9/10 from 4-7.
And for all you guys who see our 'War' and want to paint donuts - PAINT them!!!!  We don't 'own' the subject, and I promise you, you will have fun!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gloaming Glory, 8x8 Inches, Oil

Another one, for my upcoming show.  Sorry I cropped the painting at a little tilt!  I just love, love, love this view down the Sakonnet River, if you stand on my front porch and turn your head to the left, at the end of the day.  My blood pressure goes down...down...down... just looking at it!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

End Of Day Reflections, Oil, 5x5 Inches

This is one of my favorite types of sunset - and that's Aquidneck Island with Island Park over to the right.  I love the hot orangy pink that burns up the sky.  This little 5x5 baby will be first shown at Nest, a wonderful shop in Dedham Center.  My show will be hung on the 1st of September, and the Opening is September 10, Saturday, from 4-7.  This size painting will be $150 - no need to frame as it's on cradled hardboard for a contemporary look.  If you prefer a traditional frame, you it is easy for your framer to pop in, as it's only a 3/4 inch cradle.
I've been asked to do a 'sunset' 1-day workshop in the Hingham area.  If you'd like more info, email me!  
I'm off to Provincetown to paint for a few days and will post from there!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sorry, sorry to Susan Roden, that this photo is full of glare!  She has to set up something to deflect this triple threat in the Donut War!  These babies were literally oozing wonderful jelly!
These sold on the first day of my 2 day Open Studio weekend. 
Let me just say I was slack-jawed AMAZED at the people who drove and drove and drove to visit!  CT, VT, NH, ME, South Shore of Boston, North Shore of Boston, all around RI - I was simply floored.  These guys just know me from my blog and are awesome!  I met some people who I never knew, but who 'know' me from this blog.  People were so familiar with the Daily Paintings and pointed out their favorites.  Some people actually brought ME treats - and among the most fun were a donut T-shirt and a pound of Dunkin Donuts Coffee (Ivy!  Thank you!)  
On another subject, the new camera was GREAT.  Nikon P7000.  36 zoom AND a viewfinder.    This photo, the only one I have since I just got the camera on Fri and this sold on Saturday, was taken in sub-optimal conditions, as it was literally going out the door.  I'm trying to keep up and mark the 'sold' ones on the blog, and this week I'll add them to the 'Sold' page.  Fabulous weekend, thanks to all who stopped by!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Camera Escapades!

This little 5x7 inch painting will be part of the drastic $35 clearance.  Sorry about not posting new paintings - but we have a camera thing going on here.  I ordered a Nikon P7000.  Then I went in and thought the P500 was better (it was more expensive) so I changed my order.  It came in today and I dropped everything to go get it.  When I got there I realized the P500 had a 7x zoom, but the first one I wanted had a 36x zoom - auuuugh!  So I said I wanted that first one.  Only they didn't have it and they wanted to send it to me, so I opted to get the similar Cannon version, which they wrote up and THEN discovered they didn't have THAT in stock (are you following this or have you fallen asleep?).  Maybe Friday the P7000 will show up at my house!   So.  Short and long, I abandoned all my work for my Studio Salem, spent the afternoon at Hunts .... with no camera, so no new photo of  work...  Maybe tomorrow!  

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

An Example

I got quite a few emails about whether or not the previous post 'Glory' was going to be one of the $50 paintings at my upcoming studio sale.  No, none of the 30x30 sunsets will be 'clearance'.  But here is an example that will be.  There will be a number of 'new' paintings in that category.  Since this is the last year I'm selling at that level, I'm going to have a blast practically giving things away.  
(and if you have bought a big sunset painting, you are eligible for a discount if you decide to buy another one)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Glory, 30x30 Inches, Oil

This painting will be making an appearance at my Open Studio this weekend on my lawn in Tiverton.   It'll be joining new works and lots of current Daily Paintings.
I promise that there will be new Jelly Donut paintings reserved for the Open Studio!  I am having camera issues, so for the next couple of days I will be posting  things that I already have images of on my computer.
Also, for those of you who enjoy the Extreme Markdowns that I've had for the past few years - I'm doing it one more time!  So there are quite a few new larger paintings that will go for the outrageous price of $50!  And lots and lots of older Daily Paintings that will be $35.  This is the last time I'll be doing this, so I hope you get to take advantage of it!

Directions:  Exit 2 off of Route 24.  South on Rte 177 for one mile.  Just past Coastal Roasters on the left!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Scottsdale Mug & 2 Jelly Halves, 6x6 Inches, Oil Painting

LOTS of technical difficulties around here!  For example, my trusty camera has finally bitten the dust.  After painting this I packed it in the car and took it and my camera to Hunt's Camera in Providence.  They couldn't get the camera to focus either, and finally pronounced it officially non-functioning.  I'm getting another camera this week, but in the meantime, they actually took the memory card and put it in a new camera and took some shots for me.  My new camera will be in around Thursday, and I am so excited!

Getting ready for my Open Studio on the South Coast Open Studio Tour on Saturday and Sunday, August 20 and 21.  Crossing my fingers for good weather!
Come on over!  Exit 2 off of Rte 24 in RI.  Go south 1 mile, and ...voila!
I painted this jelly-full donut in response to Susan Roden's volley - it is Monday, so it's the Donut War Day!  Susan thinks her trifecta of sugary sweetness will *splat* my jellies against a wall.  I say.. we divide and conquer!  Reinforced by one of my favorite mugs - one from Scottsdale Artists School.  I loved my class there.  Can't wait to do another one!  On the scorching red mug, is a symbol of a palette, and the words "Scottsdale Artists School"... as if I could forget!!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy Chair II, Oil, 18x24

This is not for sale - it's a gift to my husband.  You see, my painting trip to Maine was the day after our anniversary (34 if you must know!), so we kept our celebration low key - with dinner at a favorite restaurant.  No presents - I was too busy packing and planning!  When I came home, the next morning Tim asked if I wanted to go for a ride... well, I'd just driven home from Mid-Maine, but yeah, we always have good adventures, so I said sure.  He wanted to stop at the studio and I got a little...idgy.  I didn't FEEL like hanging around the studio.  I said I'd wait in the car.  "No.." he said, "I may be a while."  Well.  I kind of got annoyed.  Were we going for a ride or not?
Fast forward:  I went up to the studio with him, he opened the door - and there was this chair I have been LUSTING after at a local antique shop, and an additional gift of a charm bracelet (I didn't think he was listening...) I'd always loved.
I had a LOT of fun painting this - and the background ... well, you can click to enlarge it - it's kind of crazy - I was totally in a zone.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Cerisnolla Olives, 6x6 Inches, Acrylic Painting

There's an Italian section of Providence called Federal Hill, and there are tons of restaurants lining the main drag (Atwells Ave.).  One of my favorites is Constantine's Venda Ravioli.  You can eat outside (al fresco?) facing a little square with a big fountain, or indoors, literally tucked into the shevles and bins of food prep utensils and cappuccino makers.  The entire center of the shop is a huge rectangle which sells cheeses, olives, prepared food and meats.  I was there last week and was captivated by the large, meaty black, red and green olives called Cerisnolla Olives.  A plate of different kinds of olives, some crusty bread, excellent olive oil and some cheese... what more could a person want?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fiesta Morning Break w/Jellies, 6x6 Inches, Oil Painting

Another casualty in the Donut War with Susan Roden - OH!  So drippy and sweet!  The Fiesta cup is part of a gift from a good friend, Jane, who I reconnected with on Facebook a couple of years ago - literally we hadn't really seen each other in a decade - maybe two!  We were kindred spirits when we both worked for a law firm in the 70's  - YOW, that's a long time ago!  Then I moved away, then she moved away, etc. etc...  and it was so great to 'discover' her again.  So.... Facebook can be a pain, and annoying, but it can also be a GOOD thing!  As in... does everybody want to know what I'm cooking for dinner?????  I'll save you the click to FB.... Hamburgers & Sweet Corn, and Tomato Salad!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Spearmints IV, 6x6 Original Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald

This painting wasn't actually due to post today, but the eggs I painted, apparently are abhorrent to my camera because it WILL NOT focus on the painting.  Seriously - about 18 shots... all very blurry.  I actually went to get a new camera today, not the one I wanted.. can't afford that one just yet, but a little replacement - and I showed the man my camera and said "It won't focus on close up things - a boat in the river, sure, but anything close, no."  So the man took a whole bunch of really clear shots of things 2, 3, 4, 5 feet away and said "There's no problem here....."  And, puzzled, I took the camera and started taking pictures of everything... perfect.  Wow, I thought.  I'm really losing it!  Even in the car back to the studio, I took pictures of my feet, of the GPS map, of my husband.... perfect.  It was a little like when the kids were little and had an awful cough, and you got the nurse to squeeze you in to see the pediatrician, and when you get there - no cough.
BUT... when I got back to the studio and tried to photograph my painting of blue eggs -  blurry.  I'm about to hurl this little camera right into the river...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Peaceful Garden, 8x8 Inches, Oil Painting of Linden Place Garden

Today the Painting Safari was held at Linden Place in Bristol, RI.  (Our last one of the Summer!)  This lovely mansion is now a museum, and you can take a tour as well as walk the beautiful grounds.  Of all the places and things I could paint, I was drawn to this small garden area, with the beautiful green hydrangeas and pink lilies, not to mention the fabulous red, white and blue buntings.  Behind the fence was a sort of barn - it looked too lovely to actually house livestock, perhaps it was a carriage house.  When all the architecture is white, you have to squint down and look hard for color bouncing from all over, to make the white *delicious*.
A further upside to todays' effort was while I was about 2/3 done a beautiful pug wandered out from some door I couldn't see in the garden area.  I was in heaven, as I was missing Paco (I didn't think he'd be welcome there)!  And then... I kid you not, a beautiful orange tabby cat strolled out from the same area!  I met their owner, and we gushed about pug-love - she even has ANOTHER pug!  
Anyway, this painting was one of those that just kind of falls together - with a lot of measuring and squinting! :D
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