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Friday, October 31, 2008

Red Candy Apple, 6x6 Oil


Happy Halloween!  I must say lately I've been having a lot of fun lately with my Daily Paintings.  Perhaps it shows - I've been looking at them in a whole new way - concentrating on items like flowers or fruits or vegetables, and changing or rearranging the viewpoint, the backgrounds, etc.  And I've been trying to work with a new color wheel, the Munsell color wheel.  I think I'm seeing a new solidity to the work, though this may be premature.... it feels that way anyway from MY view.

Today's piece was a real challenge - darn glossy, clear red!  I actually had the polka dot fabric hanging in the background,, but at the last minute I was unsure weather I wanted so much attention on the background.  My son Conor made these, and though this one is now history, he promises me he'll make more next week, cinnamon flavor.  We'll see if they're any easier to paint!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gerber Daisies in a Vase, 6x6 Oil

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Here's the whole bunch.  I had this fabric from when I went to Carol Marine's workshop, but I never used it there (too much to think about).  I was a bit intimidated with multiple flowers, plus a patterned background, but I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.  Trying also to think about the dominant value (and in this one I think the dominant value is the middle value, with the dark value second and a smidge - Carol's word - of light values).  So at least for now, I'm sticking with simple exercises that incorporate value dominance, color (Munsel color wheel), edges, and of course, composition.  Not to exclude the 'joy' factor (my own term) - each painting I do must have a certain something that makes me 'want it', something that gives me, and hopefully the viewer, a little jolt of joy.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Harlequin Mug, 8x6 Oil

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This is one of the adorable cups I got in Santa Fe.  They're called Harlequin, and came in many colors.  I love the shape and I love this color green.  I added a few pine cones from the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia.  And one fragrant, small branch of evergreen from behind the cottage we stayed in.  I guess I've combined my souvenirs for this painting, and each piece had it's own challenges.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Little Gerber Daisy, 6x6 Oil

I'm playing around with backgrounds and lighting now, and 'line of sight'. I really like the way this one came out. My husband noticed that the vase did not reflect the black-ish (actually green, red & blue) background, and asked if it were accurate. Well, it was one of the things that was interesting to me when I painted it - that at this angle the glass in the vase only reflected the cloth below. But I'm enjoying the daisy structure so much, I may do a few more.... different poses, different vases, hope you don't mind...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pink Gerber, 8x6 Oil

I really enjoy painting these Gerber Daisies - I love their saturated color and the almost chunky petals - they're just wild!  So I bought a small bunch today and am going to play with them in different settings.  All the Daily Paintings will have a 'click to bid' option now - it's taken me a while, I'm technologically challenged.  Good news, my daughter is seeing a nice young man who works in 'IT'... so I've got to find out what kind of cookies he likes and get busy with some good bribes!

Other good news: I got 2 pieces into the very competitive North River Arts Calendar Competition - and while neither was selected for a 'month' in the 2010 calendar, it was an honor to be selected for the finals & show.  Also I got into another national juried show :  Small Wonders, in Annapolis, MD, which will run for the month of December at the Maryland Federation of Art. :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Pink Ballet Slippers, 8x6 Oil


I bought these at a yard sale because they reminded me of my daughter Molly's ballet slippers, which she wore day and night as a very little girl.  Of course I think I saved Molly's, but I don't know where they are.  They just looked to me like a snapshot of childhood, so transitory and sweet.  I really loved painting the pink leather, it was so buttery and smooth.  And I put them on a green background, because it was the one that gave the most 'pop' against the pale pink.  Trying to keep the brushstroke loose, this painting just fell onto the canvas, it was a joy to paint!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Peppers In A Glass, 6x8 Oil

Now, for something completely different.  I can tell you - but you won't know to believe me - that this looks much, much better in person.  I was interested in glass and reflections, and the background is black velvet.  I didn't use any black paint, (though I do have it, and occasionally use it, Chromtatic Black) just mixed viridian green, alizarin crimson and ultramarine blue.  I included the little peppers because I NEEDED some color - and it was just enough.  Virtually impossible to photograph because of the glare, this is as good as I could get.  Tomorrow .... another sharp detour....

Thanks, everyone (all 12 of you!) for answering the poll on my blog.  It really does help to get outsiders' advice.

And I have a few new interesting bloggers that I've found and added to my list of links - check out the top 4 - they're new!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Peppers In A Bowl, Oil 6x6

I spotted these little peppers in the market and just loved them - of course I don't know exactly what I'd cook with them (and wouldn't now that they've sat under my light to 'pose' for me!).  Anyway the light and shaded portions of them were interesting to work with.  I tried to keep the light parts very saturated with color, letting the shadow part get darker and 'grayer'.  They have such great shapes, too!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sugar Pumpkins (the candy kind) 6x6 oil

Well, it's 'that' time of year.  As bad as Easter with all the goodies around! I bought these for my sons and thought it would be a great challenge to paint them.  And it was.  Painting sugar has got to be one of the toughest things - hopefully these are at least recognizable!

Oh - and two things,
  1. Thank you to everyone who comments right on my blog - it's such a treat to see them there, and to know that I can re-live the comments months from now.  And
  2. I've posted a POLL on my blog on the right hand column, and I'd appreciate it if anyone could help me with this.  I have another (more interesting to YOU) poll that I'm going to do next month but for now, it'd help me out if you'd cast your vote....  Thanks, very much,

Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall Roses, 4x6 Oil

The garden is in it's glory.  The roses are seemingly happy to do without the summer heat.  The white and the tangerine roses have given up their last, while the orange bush seems hell bent on reaching November.  Fine with me!  Here's the last white and the last tangerine blossoms.  Hard to get shadows in flowers... and I definitely need new/different vases for the little blooms!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Just Nuts, Oil 5x7

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In the studio today I couldn't find anything I really wanted to paint. Like many others, right now politics is on my mind.  And, in the words of my dear friend Joan Brancale, it's "just nuts".  Whichever 'side' you're on, I bet you agree with me that you wish it were over.  I bet the CANDIDATES wish it were over, too!  Anyway, these 3 little cashews, one hazelnut, one almond and one pecan are anthropomorphicized (how's THAT for a good made-up word?) into the voting ranks.  Or rants, which is what it seems like these days!  I thought it would be boring to paint the nuts, but there are so many colors that you have to really pay attention to see.  

Friday, October 17, 2008

October Dahlia, 5x7 Oil

I love Dahlia's.  OK, I used to not like them, my husband reminds me.  I think I used to walk around with blinders on, oblivious to the amazing things around me.  Anyway I liked the orange and green play here.  I tried to keep the brushstrokes loose (harder than it sounds) and not get carried away with the glass.  I hope we have another couple of weeks before our big frost - heating bills aside, as I love these late blooming flowers.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Red Coffee Mug, 6x6 Oil

I love to paint cups and mugs.  The eliptical shapes are a constant challenge.  If I don't get them exactly right, the painting won't read right.  Red can be a challenge, too (thanks, Valerie, for the tip about Perelyne Red!).  I have some new cups from my trip to Santa Fe, and they'll be working their way into the paintings soon!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Turquoise House, Oil 8x10

Last plein air painting from Nova Scotia.  This sweet turquoise house had a big dahlia patch running alongside it.  I really enjoyed painting this, with thick paint, trying to lay down broad patches of color.  The arches of the bare trees made a nice frame to the house, too.   I could've made more, or less of the house, but that's something I may explore later on a bigger canvas.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Backyard View, Parrsboro 8x10

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!  On Friday Joan and I meandered into Parrsboro and explored the neighborhoods a bit.  Everywhere there were Canadian flags, which, when I think about it, is not too unusual, since it's their national flag!  But the backlit houses in a row, with the flag and the blue-roofed house beyond, looked good to me.  While we were there painting we were given a flag by the man doing repair work at the Canadian Legion, where we parked... a nice souvenir!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday In Nova Scotia

Raining here today, so I only got the bottom painting in before it started.  Then I painted the candle we have on the table this afternoon.  Yesterday no painting, just sightseeing - too too much to paint - I think you really need two weeks in a new place to get acclimated and then decide what you want to paint.  I have more photos on my Studio Blog.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Parrsboro, Day 2

Here I've tackled two little cottages. The quiet here will knock you over. Fabulous. I'm trying to loosen up in my plein air, and the top painting is maybe a little too 'tight' for me. I do love the subject, though. The second one is a little more lively. What do you guys think?

We are in artist's heaven. Who cares what we eat or drink, or when we sleep (I took a nap on the bluff in front of the cottage next door - in the wonderful fresh air, with the scents of balsam and ocean wafting by - I tell you... Heaven....

Also you can check out Mary Sheehan Winn's blog for more photo's & links for this painting trip.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

LIVE from Parrsboro, Nova Scotia!

 Painting trip to Nova Scotia - (hardly know where I am these days!) with Mary Sheehan Winn who's husband's family is from the Parrsboro area.  She's kindly hosting a little trip - Joan Brancale is here also.  We came up in the Grand Marquis, after all of us promising to 'pack light', and, well, I guess none of us really are able to do that. :)  The scenery is amazing, the cottage is right on the water, and it is truly inspirational.  If you don't like dead quiet this is not the place for you!  The tides are famous for their extreme levels (I would have though "Tsunami!" if Mary hadn't told me.)  I feel the BUTTER should be famous, too...(why IS it so different?).  

Today we explored in the morning, when there was NO wind and it was warm.  Then as the wind kicked up we took out our paints, and I did this - it's the direct view from where we're staying.  The sand is a deep pink, leaving transparent rose colors when the tide comes in at the waters' edge.  I'll try again tomorrow, but for not having done a plein air piece in a long long time, I'm not too unhappy with it!  There is a shadow on the upper and lower right that I didn't see back at the cottage.  We have to come into town to post - no 

White Gourd, 4x6 Oil

WELL!  I'm back in the saddle again!  I bought some white paint so I don't have to wrestle with that sticky stuff!  This felt better, and I like the viewpoint better, too.  I love these little gourds and the subtle colors in the whites.  I do appreciate all your feedback, either through email or the comments, so thank you all.  Next time I post it will be from Nova Scotia (I hope!)  If for some reason I can't then it'll be a week from now.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Pale Mini Pumpkins. oil 6x8

Once again struggling with the white paint.  Last one.  I'm throwing the Permalba out!  Next week I'll be painting in Nova Scotia with 2 painting buddies.  I'll try to blog from Parrsboro.  I'm not thrilled with this painting, but it was a little crazy around here trying to pack/cook/clean for the trip.  Only kidding about the cleaning.... ;0

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tea Break's Over, 6x8 Oil

I just loved the colors on this Fiesta Ware.  I got the cup & saucer at Mindy & Clyde's Cupboard Company in Santa Fe.  Check it out if you ever get there.  Mindy & Clyde are two Jack Russell Terriers owned by the owner, a wonderful  woman named Eiko.  I could have loaded up a truck in this place.  Later I'll do another cup I bought there, a gorgeous green Harlequin cup.  I mentioned to someone that in these paintings (as of the last post) I'm struggling with extremely thick white - which is resisting my efforts to thin it down with Gamsol.  It's an old tube of paint, Permalba, which I used to love because of it's buttery, creamy consistancy.  Lately (my last 3 tubes) the paint's been thicker, and the reps at Jerry's Artarama where I got it say I'm the only one to notice.  I figure one, maybe two tubes, and it could be the batch.  Three tubes, and  - 'Bye-bye'.  I'm back to Utrecht, except when I travel, when I like Galkyd White because it helps everything dry faster.  
Hopefully the brushwork on this is more 'confident', though.  On the next post, which I may not even put up, I almost tossed the panel away because the white paint was so hard to work with.  You'll see.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Impatiens, Oil 6x6

While I struggle with the whole eBay thing (items I set up do not show up, items I schedule for 4 p.m. auction don't show up till 7 p.m. - oh, was I supposed to know eBay is set up on PACIFIC time?) I have still been doing the Daily Paintings.  I sure miss being in my workshop, with another set of eyes (or 15) to tell me where I was veering off!

  These are the glory days for the impatiens, though.  They love the warm days and the nights that are not cold yet.  I love them in all their colors.  They don't do well in vases, though... have to paint them right away!
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