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Friday, September 28, 2007

Saved From The Pie, 6x6 Acrylic

I'm celebrating my new oven, and wanted to bake a peach pie - just in time, since it's peach season here! So these three jumbo-jet sized peaches begged to be painted... and I let them! I have a little blue and yellow dish that I like and I thought would be a good supporting cast for the yellow/orange peaches, so I piled them on it. I've been painting outside lately, and been skipping the Daily Painting while the weather was so unbelievable - back to work/fun now! See the painting of Hopper's House, on

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tea Time, 6x6 Acrylic

Finished this painting this morning by 7 a.m. I've always loved the celedon green teapots at this little restaurant in Westport called The Bayside. There's a view down to the water and it's just a sweet little place. I've been painting a lot - I'll post my North End painting on my studio blog at after this post. I did one oil study there, then an acrylic. I absolutely cannot decide which medium I like better, although oil has a slight advantage :)

Clamdiggers, 6x12 Oil

I painted this study outside an Open Studio I was in yesterday in Bristol. Had a nice time, met some nice people, and got this painting in. These two girls were at the beach this summer in Westport, digging for clams. I don't know how successful they were with their red plastic shovels, but they had fun, and I did, too, just painting it. In November I'm studying with Peggy Kroll Roberts, who is a fantastic figure painter in Arizona. Selling my Daily Paintings has helped fund this, and I thank all of you who've helped!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Little Gould Island, 6x6 Oil

This was actually painted this winter, before Blogging entered my life! It's one of many paintings I've done of Little Gould Island, which sits right across from my house. I've painted it in fog, snow, sunny weather, sunsets (no sunrises yet, lazy thing that I am) and it still calls for more paintings of it. I think of Monet, and how his wife maybe said to herself "Not MORE waterlily paintings!" I understand it! Anyway I spent yesterday painting in Boston's North End, one acrylic and one oil - I'll feature them later today on

Monday, September 17, 2007

Just Kale, Oil, 6x6

I can't let go of Summer, but I do love it when the kale and mums have their time. I am fascinated by all the varieties of kale, and how long they last into the cold months. The colder it gets, the more vivid the colors of purple, pink, olive and sage seem to get. Here I was having a little fun with the rufflinng leaves, doing some calligraphy on top. The actual painting has more contrast, but I have not successfully learned how to Photoshop that. Now I'm off to the beach for a little sun on the dunes. I have the whole day to myself, and I'm going to try for 3 painting sessions:)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Morning Glory, Oil, 6x6

This morning Tim challenged me to capture the luminosity of one of the varieties of Morning Glories gracing the garden. There's a story (of course) behind this. I've always loved these cheerful little flowers, and have struggled to grow them, while other people seem to have them weed-like in their garden. Last year I was NOT to be denied. I bought 300 seeds of varying types of Morning Glories and soaked them overnight to soften them, then carefully planted them around the whole perimeter of the garden. Not realizing this, my dear husband came along a few days later and dug up the entire perimeter to plant sweet peas and peas and beans. Well, this year, I INCREASED the amount of seeds I planted, and staked out the territory (with pleas to Tim to allow them to grow undisturbed), and, well, something 'clicked' and I am absolutely overrun (I'm not kidding, they've practically killed a few rose bushes) by Morning Glories. Well, now that they're here, I'm loving all the different varieties, although, just like me I forgot all their names. (I hope they re-seed, too ;). I tried to keep it kind of loose and only let myself use a small flat soft brush. I also am experimenting with edges, trying the Carol Marine thing of going back and painting overlapping colors back and forth over the edges. I like it... do you?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bass River, 6x12 Oil

This was painted on my recent trip to the Cape. It was that magical moment just as the sun sets and the glow is caught in the sails of the boats. I know a lot of people won't paint this colorful moment because 'nobody will believe it', but this moment at dawn and dusk are the times of day that make me feel most alive and connected to everything else in the world, corny, I know. So actually I dont' CARE if anyone ever buys this type of painting from me, I do it for myself. I did a workup of this on a sleepless night last weekend, in an 8x16 format in acrylic - you can see it on my studio blog :

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Sea Shell, 6x6 Acrylic

What do you do when it's AMOST dawn, you've been up since the wee small hours, and you've read till your eyes are gritty but sleep is still elusive? Go shell hunting... in the dining room... and paint! I found this one originally on the Cape, but these shells wash up here, too. I liked the subtle pinks, yellows and blues of this little one. May as well be productive! This weekend is 'studio dismantling' weekend, so I guess I'm a little wired :}

Friday, September 7, 2007

Singapore Sling, 6x8 Acrylic

We tried a new Asian restaurant called Jackie's Gallaxy (well, new to US). I brought home the little umbrellas that were in the drinks, thinking they'd be fun and easy for Daily Paintings. (NOT so easy to draw!) I've been away painting on the Cape, I'll post some photos from the plein air efforts on my STUDIO blog ( !

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Garden Geraniums, Acrylic, 6x6

These are geraniums from our pots in the garden. I loved the color combo of violet, fucshia, and orange. So bordering the vegetable garden (which has gotten a little out of control) are four black urns with these geraniums. Weekend very full, hoping to get some painting in, though, and I have been plein air painting (see ) in this beautiful weather.
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