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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Long Time Gone


I've really missed my blogging friends!  I've cleared out a lot in my house, and now am in the Limbo that is unique to a House For Sale.  I've struggled with all the different hats I've had to wear prepping everything, and I'm still not done, but well on my way - one more yard sale and one more POP UP sale (keep your eyes peeled and check the blog posts, because I will be taking sales via text message as well as in person!) to go.

It had been so long since I've done a Daily Painting... there was this fear... could I still paint?  I thought I'd forgotten HOW.  And what?  What subject?  I returned to my comfort zone.  Hadn't done a coffee or tea break in a long long time.  I love painting different textures, and here the graham crackers contrasted with the smooth liquid and the hard porcelain... and I had a BLAST doing it.  And whites are always so interesting.  So join me in 'Tak(ing) A Break", relax and enjoy.  And thanks for being there.
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