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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

We're All Connected, 6x6 inch Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald

Oh, I just love this little painting.  The thought was about 'negative space' which is the space that resides between things.  It defines the shape of things by relying on the outline of what IS and what is NEXT to it.  So this was a tough subject in class, but I loved the neutral colors of the whole painting except the berries.  And I got lost in the many colors and values in each little berry.  The highlight.  The stem end. (and you can see where my camera made a shadow on the lower right quadrant  - and it doesn't really matter.
All these berries are singular, unique, actually.  Like us.  But before I took the clippers to the bush, they were all on one big branch.  They had so much more in common than they had differences.  So do we.  And I'd like to wish you all a safe, healthy and happy Thanksgiving.  Take a break from the craziness that we get hit with every day online, on TV and on the radio.  Look around the table and be thankful that THOSE are the crazy, lovely, wonderful people you have in your life.  
Blessings on you all.
(This painting is not 'officially' for sale, but if it speaks to you just email me at

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Long Time Gone... and Big Bite, 6x6" oil painting by Kelley MacDonald

Ohhhh, it's been a long time since I broke down and ate, I mean PAINTED, a jelly donut.  I have been busy as a bee, and struggling with a twisted up knee, and Dunkin Donuts called to see what I've been up to.  Kidding.
I liked doing the zoomed in piece here, and it's a struggle to get the right values (dark vs. light) of the shaded part of both the jelly and the 'belly' of the donut.  But I was really happy with how this came out.  The hubby says he likes donuts without the bite out of them better.  More for me, I say. :D
My Open House was a great success, and my friend Susan Medyn and I had LOTS of fun with our teeni tiny martini's!  White Cosmos, friends and finishing the day with piping hot chili - what a great day!
I have had to fill in some pieces at the Providence Art Club because some donuts found new homes from that show - but do not worry, because I keep them stocked with 6 paintings till the show closes just before Christmas!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

White Cosmo, 6x6 Inch Free Painting by Kelley MacDonald

A White Cosmo is a Cosmo with white cranberry juice instead of the usual red.  I will be serving them at my Open Studio with Susan Medyn on Saturday at my place. (see details in previous post).  This painting will be part of a free raffle for those who stop by, and Susan will be offering one as well.  Oh, that's crushed candy canes on the rim....  kind of festive, you know?

I just love painting the reflected light on the glass.  For this painting I put a pink cloth under the martini glass, and the light bounced up form it into the 'bowl' of the glass.  The cocktail itself is frosty white.  Let's get this party STARTED!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Cocktail Time! 6x6 Inch Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald

 Oh BOY what a busy time of year!!  This was a demo for my class at the Providence Art Club.  We were working on interesting compositions, and did 3 little studies, being as brave as we could, then chose the one that we felt worked best!  (Yes, we had a 'cocktail party')
This will be at my own Open House this Saturday, from 1-5 p.m.  We will be serving a signature cocktail, a White Cosmo, and giving a way a painting of it as well as a painting from my co-host Susan Medyn, in the form of one of her wonderful, whimsical watercolors! Gifts, cards, calendars will be available as well as new work, but mostly well wishes for a beautiful, healthy, happy Holiday Season.  You are invited, 1888 Main Road, Tiverton, RI:

Saturday and Sunday, in Marshfield, MA the North River Arts Society will have 21 of my paintings in their Holiday Art Sale!  It's free to get in unless you want to be an Early Bird!  On Saturday, you CAN get in, for $10, at 9 a.m. (regularly starts at 10) and get 'dibs' on everything, PLUS 10% off any of the amazing bigger paintings on the stage.  Sat. 1-4 - and Sun 10-2. (Oh, yeah, how cool is it that they used my mints on the poster and card!!!)

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Got Our PINK Going On, 6x6 Inch Oil painting by Kelley MacDonald

 The upcoming Little Picture Show at the Providence Art Club will feature 2 of my Peppermint Paintings, and 4 donut paintings.  This is one of them, but if you NEED it, just email me at asap, and I will paint them another one!  What IS it about painting candies that I love?
Part of it .... yes, the cellophane.  Then the is the endless compositions.  And the white with highlights.  And... candies are fun.  My Dad always had a couple of these in every pocket.  I've copied that from him.  So if we are ever together and you get a tickle in your throat, be glad we're together!
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