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Saturday, September 1, 2018

Hey, Neighbor! 12x6 inch acrylic by Kelley MacDonald

"Hey Neighbor!" 12x6 inch Acrylic

When I was a little girl, my Super Power was that I remembered every single jingle I heard on the radio or TV.  I proudly regaled my poor father and grandfather with one after another, getting applause (I think I see the problem here) after each one.  It seems in the 50's and early 60's everything for sale had a jingle.  Anyway, I don't even remember what the tune to this one is, but Narragansett Lager was local and it was the beer of choice (ok, there was always someone who came from 'away' and would drink Schlitz). I wonder what those men (and women) would think if they looked in the chilled beer section now!  Pumpkin beer, apple beer, lemon, every flavor you can think of with every crazy name to go along with it!
This month in Girls Just Wanna Paint our topic was 'local'.  So... here's my local beer.... the motto was 'Hey Neighbor, Have a 'Gansett!"
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