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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year! "Glaciers" 8x8 Acrylic by Kelley MacDonald

"Glaciers", 8x8 Inch Acrylic

I simply cannot believe it's been a month since I posted.  Yes, we're all busy in December, but this is just wrong!

Do you do Resolutions?  I stopped a few years ago when they seemed to be just wishes.  That I would go gung-ho on for about 3 weeks (or 2, or.. let's be honest, 1week) and then I'd give up.  Well, I'm tired of giving up.  So no more Resolutions, but instead, I'm going to HELP myself be more mindful, be more in the present.  Maybe you don't know how... ummmm DRIVEN I can be, thinking always of the response to the next thing, planning of the next event, the next painting, the next meeting, the next  plan.  It really doesn't seem to serve me!  

So... about my painting life, which is really my life, I'd like to really start now to get some surprising and decent work ready for a show I'll be having (yes... a SOLO show!) in January 2018. I want to do more interiors, more domestic scenes, AND I want to experiment with acrylic paint more, like in "Glaciers", which started out inspired by the wonderful artist Tracey Talbott, in Duxbury, MA.  She brought in some canvases that had tissue paper wetted and attached with gel medium. and I tried it (it didn't come out anywhere near as nice as hers, but it got me thinking... then this topic came up and I thought about the tissue being land masses.  And I added layers and layers of deep clear blues for the 'ocean', and layers of ice-blue, silver and white for the glaciers.  It was a lot of fun!  And it got me thinking about paint another way.  So!  My 2017 hopefully will see more of me just being sunken into the process of painting, realistically AND abstractly.  💙💙💙
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