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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Safe Landing, Oil, 6x12

I just love these little birds.  I have so much work to do, finishing up larger pieces, starting new painting projects, and I just can't seem to make myself stop doing these little birds, donuts (look for the next post) and - yes, ackkkk - stones.  I raided my husband's stash of beach stones in the garden for the next little stone painting.  Anyway, thank you all so much for viewing, and I love to get your comments, too!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Powdered or Sugared? 2 6x8 Oil paintings

Also apologies for all the glare on this photo.
The alternate title for this one is "MEDIC!  Rocco's been bit!"  Based on how the two towers look like they're either fighting or playing polo, AND the fact that I saw a little baby named Rocco this weekend.  Yes, I live in Rhode Island - that's one of the ways you know!  It's kind of comforting to know that in the world full of Phin and Hazel babies, there are still Rocco babies, too, don't you think?
Anyway, this is the NEXT to the last of the donut paintings, so you can relax if you just hate them!  Hopefully tomorrow's will be a treat (Thursday's if not tomorrow's) I promise.  I'll be going to Butler's Donut Shoppe in Somerset, MA, and yes, there'll be leftovers if anyone wants to stop by the studio around 2 before I dispose of them!
Today's donuts are from Sip 'n Dip - much fresher, and more 'pillowy' than Dunkin's.  I was really getting to enjoy the texture of the two types, the ones on the left, coated with powdered sugar, the ones on the right tossed in regular granulated sugar.  Pretty soon I won't be able to even look at a donut - lookin' forward to that day....

Friday, April 25, 2008

Odd Man Out, 6x12 Oil

Still inspired by Emily Eveleth (imagine if her mother named her Evelyn instead?) I'm onto #2 in this little series.  This one's dedicated to Valerie Vitalli's granddaughter because she liked the Strawberry one.  Today I was less cheap and invested in a half dozen donuts.  It being Dunkin Donuts, though, they were a little hard (?) and I had to 'encourage' the jellies to relax and sit loosely on each other (notice not much jelly escaped during the 'encouragement'!  They could put more in!).  The frosted Cake donut is the odd man out.  Probably fresher, too!  I approached it like a plein air painting - not so much seeing the 'donuts' as the shapes and values... it's getting easier!

White Rose, 6x8 oil

I love the challenge of a rose, and this one is gorgeous - the inner folds are creamy pinky-orange (how's THAT for technical color names?).  I concentrated more on the rose than the glass, though maybe I should have spent more time on the reflections, etc.  Daily Paintings are wonderful exercises for the eye, as is plein air painting.   Now that the weather is good, I'll get more of THAT in!  Enjoy the day!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Strawberry Doughnut, Oil, 6x6

I swear I had no intention of doing this as a Daily Painting today - honest - I was on my way to CHURCH this morning, but when I pulled up to the building I could see that a funeral was going on, and I didn't want to intrude on that.  So - and I live in the LAND OF DUNKIN DONUTS - where there's a DD's at every 4th corner - I pulled in for a coffee to take to the studio, and they'd just put out a tray of fresh strawberry frosted's.  Had to.  Had to paint one.  With no nod to Wayne Thibeault - I heard of him after I started daily paintings.  But I was 'surfing' through the Blogland the other day and - darn if I can find it again! - I stumbled on an artist who painted a pile of jelly doughnuts (let's not even go there...) which looked like a landscape.  They were so soft and 'pillowy' it was amazing.  If I can find the artist through 'History' on my other computer, I'll edit this post to include it.  Anyway, I don't say it often enough, but thanks for looking!

Thanks to Valerie - who gave me the name of my 'inspiration' today : Emily Eveleth

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Runnucula in a Glass Cup, 6x6 oil

Today I painted a single Runnucula(?) in a little coffee cup I got in Holland.  I wanted the black background and I wanted the challenge of the white petals in light and shadow, as well as the glass, AND the metal rim on the lower half.  PHEW!  Below is a shot of my new, big easel, set at a right angle to my old easel, which will now be reserved (yeah, right) for my Daily Paintings.  I apologize for the underlining here, sometimes it just happens and I don't know how to undo it.  

Cape Cod Bliss, 14x18 Acrylic

Yesterday I went to the Cape with Denise Zompa and Phyllis Adams to drop off entries for the Cape Cod Juried Show.  We figured it was so gorgeous we should paint while we were there. I amazed them with my organizational skills at the Art Association drop off (I had printed out the information on all my entries and had everything neatly wrapped in bubble wrap, labeled, with my business card taped to the back, and remembered everything I'd need - a first for me!  HowEVER when we got to the painting spot I'd forgotten my BRUSHES, and my PALETTE.  Kind of tough to paint like that.  Fortunately I'd found an old half hardened brush in the bottom of my bag, and I had a 6x8 canvas still in it's wrapper, so with the borrowed brushes from Phyllis, using the canvas as my palette, I was able to cobble together a painting.  Still felt discombobulated, though.  But the painting was about the sky and the water, the feeling of the day.  Hopefully that comes though!

Monday, April 21, 2008

An Apple A Day, 6x6 Oil

I tried looking down on this apple.  I was really into the varieties of reds in the shadow side.  Tried to keep it loose, and layered the background.  I was thinking I wanted to paint more food, but after this I think I'm going to look at flowers and birds again for a while.
The Monday Morning Painters, once again, were just Phyllis Adams and me - where are all you Fair Weather Artists who  - all winter - kept saying "TELL ME when and where you go out painting!"  Well, I'm telling, are you serious?

Friday, April 18, 2008

Strutting, oil, 6x6

Obviously I love birds.  Animals of most kinds (millipedes are definitely left off the list!), actually.  But I seem to be able to paint what I feel for birds, as opposed to dogs or cats.  I like the neutral background - rather than it 'being nowhere', I find it focuses more on the character of the bird.  Or am I crazy?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mexican Bell, 6x8 Oil

I SHOULD have titled this one "What Was I Thinking?"  The reflections nearly did me in.  Hopefully it looks like a golden bell.  In San Miguel they hung these from trees and they made lovely music in the wind.  Anyway, if anyone likes flowers, Mexican pottery or crazy orange cats, they should check out my Studio Blog (go ahead... leave a comment.. it's OK.. :))

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance. and this, and not the external manner and detail, is the true reality. - Aristotle.  Smart guy, huh?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Plein Air Monday, Sakonnet Morning, oil, 9x12

The day dawned chilly but clear.  With ONLY four layers on, plus my Elmer Fudd hat (red plain wool, with ear flaps) I headed over to Grinnell's Beach across the street from me, thinking it would be a repeat of last week's plein air session.  But Phyllis Adams showed up this morning, and we found a spot out of the wind, where we only MILDly froze.  I used oils, she had her acrylics, and we happily painted for a couple of hours.  By the time we were ready to start wrapping up it got much warmer.  Once again I'll post it here, although technically it's not a Daily Painting per se, then after this I'll post on my Plein Air Blog.

When I got home I worked on a painting in acrylic from last summer that was a plein air piece - NOW I like it!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

3rd Rocks, Oil 6x8

You know, contrary to what you might think, rocks are very difficult to paint!  The more you study them, the more their unique 'personality' becomes evident.  There are smooth and rough surfaces.  More shades of gray than you can imagine.  So I had to do one more, and I like to stack stones, like at the 'vortexes' in Sedona, etc.  I'm kind of klutzy at it, so my stacks are generally 4 or less.  On Block Island last Fall Tim & I came upon tons of these 'stacks' (if you know what they're called please clue me in!) at a beach.  I think it signifies a sacred places.  Or a place where there are a bunch of flat stones you can stack :}

Anyway, below I took a photo of how they're placed on the wall of my studio.  I HAD to go to the studio today because I dreamt of my bird painting I'm working on.  

Friday, April 11, 2008

Beach Stones II, Oil, 6x6

Here, again, the beach stones.  Rocks?  People are saying to me.  Yup.  I love the smoothness, the grayness, their personalities.  I love, love the stripes on them, too.  I THINK I'm done.  With these particular rocks, anyway.  Maybe :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Beach Stones, Oil, 6x6

Today I was headed out to the studio, with no real idea of what to do for a Daily Painting (it's been a few days of just Plein Air, as you can see on my other Blog).  So I grabbed a few beach rocks - I swear my 'real' self is a 7 year old boy - I not only collect 'good' beach stones, people who know me well bring me interesting ones as well!  So I spent some time in the studio positioning them, and the rest was easy.  Yeah.  Gray and White - Sooooooo hard!  No, but really, it was a challenge to make the 'right' gray, and make the white lines in the stones look convincing, not like rubber bands!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Pirate's Cove Plein Air, 8x10 oil

This morning was the very first Monday Morning Painters session, and, it being overcast, 39 degrees, with 20+mph winds, I was the only idiot who showed up.  So I stuck it out in case anyone else came, and first I painted the little island in the cove, only to realize that it looked very, very much like my Gould Island paintings which I could do literally from inside my dining room, so.... I wiped it off.  I was wearing 5 layers, a fleece hat, a hood, thin gloves under my winter gardening gloves.... and it was still freezing.  The wind was rocking my CRV and threatening to drag my eassel into the water by catching the grocery bag tied to the side for paint rags...  NEVERTHELESS I soldiered on, and decided to paint the old quarry buildings across the cove.  Finished it with 2 warm-up breaks for thermos coffee (thank you, Tim) in the car... so here it is.  I don't know that I'll get an actual Daily Painting done, it's kind of  a crazy day, so this will possibly be the substitute!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Congratulations Calla, Oil, 6x12

My daughter, Molly, got a herself a new job on Friday - we were all very excited for her and had a special dinner, etc, and we got her some Calla Lilies, which are her favorite flower.  Before we got home with them, Tim & I stopped at the studio to drop off a bunch of canvases and I had to try to paint the Callas.  I set them up in the black box, and set the light on them and they positively glowed.  
Tomorrow I'm doing (hopefully, weather permitting) a plein air session followed by a figure class - so I'm not sure what will get posted late in the day.  I may just post in my Studio Blog.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Honey Bear, 4x6, Oil

What's that phrase?  "Necessity necessitates?"  Well, there I was at the studio with nothing, NOTHING to paint for a Daily Painting.  I couldn't make myself paint another mug, although I got a cool one for my birthday specifically for the studio.  So to go with a nice herb tea I have a little 'honey bear'.  Put it in the black box and, voila`!

I also mistakenly posted on my Studio Blog instead of here, a  Featured Artist, fellow blogger, Phyllis Adams.  She does cool paintings of dogs, so check her out!

Also you may notice a Monday Morning Painters link, over to the right.  If any of you would like to paint with us, it's a weekly plein air session - no 'leader', but I'll post directions to the site every week.  It's not a club, it's just a weekly site - please feel free to join us!
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