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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Strawberry Frosted II, Original Oil Daily Painting by Kelley MacDonald

Giving the strawberry one another try. Honestly I'm practically wiped out of donuts... so... "time to make the donuts!" Actually, probably the last donut for this week, but who knows. I'm in technology hell - having lost my cell phone (yes, in my own house - but it's been 3 phone-less days now, which is making me idgy), and damaged my land line (OK, one of my kids actually lost one phone, the other handset is dying a slow death). So I'm alternately ransacking the house and looking up new cell phones/land line handsets. Ugh. I should paint PHONES!
I'm also really snowed under packing and shipping paintings - which is a really nice place to be. I'm hosting Carol Marine - and yes, while we were full with a wait list - if you want to be considered email me at - I've got a couple of slots that have opened up!
Also, check out Susan Roden's latest donuts....

Monday, August 30, 2010

Lemon Filled, 8x8 Original Oil Painting By Kelley Carey MacDonald

They were all out of jellies. REALLY? I mean Dunkin Donuts, at 11:30 on a Sunday is all OUT of jellies? Well, I tried to work with a lemon filled..... Susan Roden will NOT expect this in the Donut War!!! Man, it's hot here, and I see that this will continue for the week! Maybe I'll have to paint ice cubes!!! Now THAT would be something!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Lozenge, Original Acrylic Painting by Kelley MacDonald


I suppose I should actually call this "Lozenge II", because I see I've named another painting 'Lozenge'. Anybody got a good name for it? I'll change it, if you send me one I like! Does it look familiar? Yup, it's the view from my front porch. Every morning and every evening a different color scheme, a different atmosphere (well, I know it's the same atmosphere, but it LOOKS different).
I know a lot of artists don't like painting sunsets - too sweet, too much, too amateurish... but I simply don't care - I paint what inspires me, and man, this inspires me! Donuts again next post - watch out, Susan.....

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

End Of The Day Sizzle, Original Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald


This month my Challenge Group (Girls Just Wanna Paint) is painting The Sun. Well, I love sunshine, sunrise and sunsets, so that was perfect for me! My problem was deciding WHAT sun to paint! Here the sun lowers itself onto the horizon behind Aquidneck Island... Portsmouth, to be exact. Yes, it's the view from my porch. I know a lot of people think sunsets are too 'kitschy' but I find them serene, peaceful... inspiring, almost like a prayer. I used a little pure cadmium orange near the sun, and while it was very vivid, it made it's point! SIZZZLE!

Just letting the blood sugar settle down a bit... a day off from the donuts!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Same, But Different, Original Oil Painting By Kelley MacDonald

This weekend I was part of the South Coast Open Studio Tour.  I was overwhelmed with the number of people who follow my blog who stopped by!  One gentleman came specifically (drove an hour) for a donut painting he'd seen on the blog that had 'pre-sold' (the purchase was just before the open studio, but I got to put the painting out to show it anyway), and he was very disappointed.  I promised to work on another one for him and would make sure he had one in hand by the end of Sept (I am hosting a Carol Marine Workshop in my studio AND spending a week on the Cape painting Ptown), so here I am, not only firing a SALVO to Susan Roden in our Donut War, but working on his piece!
I'm humbled by the sheer number of people who came and supported me this weekend - people I hadn't seen in YEARS, people I'd never met in person - it was great.  And now I have to try to catch up to mark my paintings sold on the blog that went to new homes!
*Not For Sale

Friday, August 20, 2010

Glazed Jellies, Original Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald


What can you do to improve Jelly Donuts? Dunk them in glaze. These are from The Coffee Shack in Marshfield, MA - I'm SO glad I don't live close by!
Susan Roden... truce till I'm done with my Open Studio this weekend?

11-5 - Paco says to COME ON DOWN!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Coffee Shack Coffee And..., Original Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald


I was in Marshfield, MA yesterday, and couldn't resist the pull from The Coffee Shack - it is a little coffee and donut shop with AMAZING donuts (and yummy coffee, too, as in *iced* that I sipped all the way home!). Here we have a half of a German Chocolate Donut atop an Old Fashioned Glazed. I'm going to ''like" Coffee Shack on Facebook, and you might want to, too! And stop in some morning when you're feeling decadent.. or blue... or cheerful.... or just plain hungry! So! Susan Roden... let's see what you fire back at me NOW!

I was channelling fellow Daily Painter Original painter Gwen Bell while painting this. I bought this napkin this weekend with her in mind, as I love her fabrics that she paints! It was fun, although I felt I was a little 'tight', a bit 'literal'... maybe doing more of them will loosen me up!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Salty Dog, Original Acrylic Painting by Kelley MacDonald


This lucky dog was heading out (and the fact that I have to explain that they were heading by some HUGE boats says I should maybe have done something differently in the painting) for a fun day on the water with it's people. A friend of mine had a wonderful yellow lab (now gone) named 'Salty', and she was just the BEST - so this is dedicated to her. Paco... do not be jealous.. you have a wonderful life!

Every day I'm getting ready for the Open Studio - today I actually painted a biggish painting of hollyhocks for the Bargain Table! I'm getting CRAZY!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Evening Song, 6x8 Original Acrylic Painting by Kelley MacDonald


This is one of my favorite sunsets from my porch. Last time I used a taller canvas... this time more rectangular. I still think I'm going to do a HUGE one of these! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I enjoyed my time off and am 'off to the races' now. I have more plans for my 'donut war'... so I hope you don't mind!

Getting ready for my Open Studio on my front lawn this weekend - 11-5 ... you can see this view from there... I've heard from so MANY of you saying you were taking a girlfriend on this tour - I think they should call it the 
"Open Studio Girlfriend Tour"! So fun!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dunkin Donuts Combo #1, Original Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald

8x8 inches

After a couple of days of a truce in the Donut War, I am bringing out the Big Guns. TWO jellies, with a Medium Iced Coffee - regular cream and sugar. Take THAT, Susan Roden! (I know she's just going to come back with MORE ooey gooeey chocolate ones!)  
Two donuts and a coffee is a #1 Combo at DD's. You didn't know that?This thing has got to end soon because I've 'friended' Dunkin Donuts on Facebook, and have joined some kind of CLUB where they send me coupons - YIKES! OK.... it's scary to me that the EASIST part of the painting now is the clear red jelly. What is that saying about me? Too many jellies! I'm taking a couple of days for a mini vacation, but hope to have another post on Sunday - my husband has an idea for me to do a painting at the Sunapee Arts Festival - but I don't know about that!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

BFF's, Original Acrylic Painting by Kelley MacDonald, 6x6

These girls were watching a street performance during my recent trip to Quebec City. Everyone around me was riveted by the young men break-dancing, but I was riveted by the crowd. These young girls struck a chord. You know how it was when you wanted to wear exactly the same thing as your best friend? It's a sweet time. Speaking of sweets, I want to reassure Susan Roden that I have defnitely NOT abandoned the Donut War, and she should be ready for some incoming fire!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Heading Out, Original Acrylic Painting by Kelley MacDonald, 6x6

I needed a slight break from the Donut War, so I took myself down to the dock and spotted this guy, in the early morning hours, setting off for a day on his boat. Although I don't have a boat, I completely understand how being in one for the day could remove you from your day to day cares.

I had the good fortune to attend the Outside The Box Opening Saturday night at the North River Arts Society in Marshfield, MA, where a zillion artists took 8x8 inch squares and painted something that was 'outside the box' for them. I couldn't help myself, I was bidding and bidding! There's some awesome artwork there. My husband finally gently took my pen and led me off for a late dinner - a nice little date - but I'll return to re-bid, as the show is open till 9/ll/10!!! I'm determined!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Salvo In The Donut War, Boston Cream Donut by Kelley MacDonald

A challenge to paint, a challenge to photograph! IRL there is a part of the cream that is in shadow - distinct from the donut in shadow. See, Susan Roden? I can do ooooey and goooey, too! Taking a break from donuts (much to my family's relief) this weekend - next week I'll mix it up - the war's not over, Susan.... not by a long shot!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Possible Casualty in the Donut War, original oil painting by Kelley MacDonald

Hmmmm... I knew there was a reason I never bought these.... WHAT A CHALLENGE! Translucent parts, glazed parts, shadow parts---aye-yi-yi! This was the 3rd effort at capturing the wonderful pastry. I think Susan Roden may take me prisoner over this one! Our donut war is fun (and friendly, no need to worry!)! But starting Monday I'll be alternating subjects again (surely there will be more donuts, but I'll need a new wardrobe if I don't start painting other things!).**

In the meantime, my Challenge Group, Girls Just Wanna Paint, has posted July's efforts. The topic is Fin, Fur or Feather.
** Where I come from these donuts are called "Crawla's" (you know, French Crawllers).

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rocket Launch In The Donut War, Original Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald


In a spirit of friendship, and painterly competition, my fellow Daily Painters Originals member Susan Roden and I are deep into a Donut War. Painting something so simple as a ball of fried dough, dusted in sugar, with juicy jam spilling out is an EXCELLENT exercise for our skills. It's all in fun, and no donut was devoured in the making of this painting....
This is a Dunkin Donuts Jelly

WHAT KIND of donut should I paint next?????

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Think Outside The Box!

At the North River Arts Society, they have a fun event that's coming up.  Artists get an 8x8 inch square of foamboard and they have to think Outside The Box (or OTB) when they make a piece of art on it.  The pieces are not signed, rather they are assigned a number, and throughout August people can bid via Silent Auction on them.  So I was working on mine, and there's NO WAY I'm putting it up here, but I'll show you my brainstorm pieces - and my submission is inspired by one of these.  

The Opening is open to the public (and a good time will be had by all, I assure you!) and is the 7th at 7 p.m.   Join us if you can!

Also:  below, my Ammo For The Donut Wars:

Happy Birthday to my son, Conor!  

Monday, August 2, 2010

It Takes Two, 6x8 Original Acrylic Painting by Kelley MacDonald

The Donut Wars have begun! My blogger friend Susan Roden and I are engaged in dough warfare - I promise it's a fun 'fight' - and are painting our hearts out in donuts! This morning I trekked over to Allie's Donuts (the box, I swear, says Allie's Donuts... Rhode Island... as if everyone just KNOWS where it is), and yeah, we got lost .... twice. Finally enough of the "Don't you have your iPhone?" and "I thought you KNEW where this place was..." and we remembered - in our new car we have a built in GPS! D'OH! Rhode Island is a tiny state, but we had to drive over 2 islands to get to Allies, and pay EIGHT DOLLARS in bridge tolls! Yeah. For donuts.

I struggled a bit with the acrylic paint for no good reason. I am used to the creaminess of the oil paint, although I did the painting BELOW in acrylic, in a trip we've made an annual pilgrimage to P'town last Friday. No problems with the paint that day. With the perspective, with the flag, with the fleeting light, but the paint was fine! I hope you all had a good weekend, too!

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