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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

1st Maine Painting. 6x8 Inches, Oil

This is the first attempt to paint in Maine this week.  Damariscotta harbor area.  Gotta run - no juice, no good internet connection!!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hazy, Hot and Humid, 6x8 Inches, Oil Painting

This was a demo from my Painting Safari on Friday.  It was the OPPOSITE of hazy, hot and humid, and for that I was grateful, but no one was feeling intrepid, so we had the session at my studio and worked from photos.  I asked people to try to select from my photos an image that had close values, as much like the day we were experiencing.  This image from a past Summer did the trick.  I really, really like the way it came out, and truthfully, I've painted those 'lozenge' suns many times before and this time I got it.
I'm sorry for those of your who like hot weather, but I'm as happy as the clams here in Maine on my painting trip!  To connect to the internet I have to drive for 1/2 hour - for a public wi-fi, so there probably won't be many posts this week, and I apologize.
Please send Paco your good thoughts as he is on 'vacation' with my son, Conor in Boston.  As you can see above, he adores Conor.  But he still worries about whether his Mom will come home....

Friday, June 24, 2011

Got Vermouth? 5x7 Inches, Oil

OK, for now... an end to the Olive series (some of you are going "YAY", I know!)  No, I'm not done with cocktails... I have a few more - ahem - in mind.  I love the blue in this Bombay Sapphire bottle.  And - what's more fun than green olives and red pimento's?

I get into the label, too...  maybe in another life I'll be a sign painter.  OK, tomorrow I'm headed to Maine for a painting week with some awesome painters.  My household will miss me, and I them... but I will be in a happy (but not internet connected) place.   

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Anniversary Toast, 6x6 Inches, Oil

Lots of people (me included) have anniversaries this month.  We've been so busy that we're putting off the actual *celebration* (read: Al Forno's for dinner) till July, but I can be sure Tim will make me one of his Signature Martini's on the 24th, which is our Day.  I want to say Happy Anniversary to all you out there who also celebrate this month.  Hey, I'm so into painting the olives this week I just couldn't help myself.  Next week it'll be the rocks and wilds of Maine.  So.... Cheers to ALL my blog readers!

And.... remember I did the 'giveaway' of the Kelley's Jellies T-shirt? Here it is!  Sheila from CA won it, and I was thrilled because I've been a fan of HERS for a long time!  Check her blog out!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Olive-ya, Olive-ya, Olive-ya!!! 6x6 Inches, Oil

Olives x3, on a mylar-covered cloth!  They are so fun to paint!  But I promise there will be other subjects...

OK, also, I'm getting ready for a painting trip to Maine next week. Aside from the devastation Paco and the kitties will once again feel... I'm pumped!  
Painting clothes:  packed
Painting gear:  packed
Now to decide: wine or vodka...
and brownies or banana bread....

Monday, June 20, 2011

Plein Air Demo, 5x7 Inches

Last week we had our first Painting Safari - a fun, plein air class that happens in a different location each week.  I swear I'm the luckiest person in the world - these students are amazing women and we have the BEST time!  Aside from losing my camera (found the next day...) it was a perfect day.  Above is an enlargement of a portion of it - I made use of Laurel Daniel's "mother color" which is ultramarine blue, alizarin crimson and a bit of burnt umber, to establish the darks.

  Then, because the light changes so much outdoors, I made "color notes - see below - so I'd have accurate colors from the MOMENT I had chosen to paint:

This image seems to have lost the lavender sky at the horizon, but you get the idea.  We believe we were looking across the river at Barrington, RI.  
If you live nearby, you can check the upcoming location for our Safari and join us!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tower Of Olives, 8x6, Oil

I was going to do a stack of donuts for the Daily Paintworks Challenge this week.  Oh, sure, at first it was all 'teacups and plates' in my mind, but then I thought "Wait... I could do a stack of DONUTS!"  Of course I stopped at a new DD's, with the skimpiest frosting (see my other post about WHY people order frosted donuts) I'd ever seen.  Still, I thought, I could make it work.

I put down a jelly donut (properly 'encouraged' to give up a little jelly), and topped it with a Strawberry Frosted, then took a bite out of a Boston Cream (this was a sacrifice - they are one of my LEAST favorite donuts!) and put it on top.  Zooomed all the way in with my viewfinder and was SO excited about this until... all of a sudden... PLOP - SCRABBLE - gulp, smack, gulp ... the top two donuts had SLID off the bottom one!   And my trusty Studio Pup was on them like a fly on watermelon!

So... without further ado I slid a bunch of olives onto a skewer.  Stuck the skewer through the top of a box, and set the light up.  Olives were a TON of fun :) The skewer tilts a little but, but that's OK!  Find the Gin & Vermouth!   I'm going to do more!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This Little Piggy... 6x6 Inches, Oil

$100 & $10 S&H

This little piggy came from Sedona.  Carol Marine, Mary Sheehan Winn and I all were captivated by them.  So look for them to pup up here and there on the blogsphere.  It is actually a 3 legged pig.  I'm getting my painting legs back - and really really liked the way this little guy came out.  However after I finished him, I should have quit, but I plowed ahead, and painted this painting, below, which ended up getting wiped off!
I spent 3 hours today with my 'talking' Prius at the dealership - for a 15 minute scheduled appt.  After all they they 1) couldn't figure out why the car was beeping, chirping and flashing all the warning lights at me, and 2) they completely forgot to replace my headlight.  A not-so-sood morning all around.  So I'm not surprised that the one below was not up to par, and got 'the axe'.  Just so you know...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Three Olive Martini-time

This painting is reserved for a very good friend, who said she wanted it but may have forgotten about it... :)
I'll hold on to it for her.  It's been a Three Martini YEAR! :)
Time is flying so fast, but there's more and more to do and see and experience... I'm very, very grateful for my life and everyone in it.  I have been blessed with wonderful family and friends, both near and far. So, yes, this is a painting from a while ago, but it spoke to my mood, more than the wipers I've been producing.  Someone told me that when you are frustrated with your paintings you are at the cusp of something new.
Let's hope it's something both new and wonderful!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Peppermints, 6x6 Inches, Oil

I had so many things to paint, but I couldn't decide.    So I grabbed my little peppermints and painted them.  I just love the shapes and colors of them.  And then there's the celpohane...:)
Sheila from California won the "I Love Kelley's Jellies" T-shirt!  I'll do another giveaway - when I hit 200 subscribers.  Hopefully soon!

Ugh... just read that we have severe thunderstorms and rain and hail are moving through our area.  I left every window in the studio open so the night air would drift in, nice and cool, for my class today.... uh, oh!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Belated National Donut Day, 6x6 Inches, Oil (T-shirt Giveaway)

$100 &$10 S&H

Well, I missed posting a donut on National Donut Day last week because I was in Sedona - a town, believe it or not, without a donut shop.  Can you imagine?  I was totally out of my element.  The closest they came to a donut shop was a bagel shop, which, .... come on!  So... clearing out the cobwebs, and jet lag, etc. today I went to Sip & Dip (remember Tina, the greatest Donut Girl ever?  She remembered me - "Oh, the Donut Lady!") and got a great big (about 2 1/2 inches tall) jelly donut.  My favorite part of the painting was the drip, of course, in the detail below:
Now, here's the thing.  I got a T-shirt made that says "I love Kelley's Jellies!" with an image of one of my donut paintings on it.  Size Large (will definitely shrink).  The first person to email me saying they want it, and gives me their address gets it - I'll pay for the shipping.  
Happy National Donut Day... Belated!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sedona Views, 2x3 Inches each

I've been out of touch for about a week, as I was on a painting trip in Sedona.  We stayed in a wonderful suite with a balcony with a 180 degree view of the gorgeous red rocks.  Here, is that view, from the left view, the straight ahead view, and the view to the right.  My favorite was Snoopy Rock,  the straight on view - as he lies on his doghouse on his back:

These were each done at different times of the day, so the light was different on each.  It took DAYS to get the hang of the red rocks.  It was so magnificent.  I kept looking and saying to myself "This is perfection - anything I do will be 'less'.."  but still I had to try!

When I arrived, my friend Mary and I stopped at the Scottsdale Artists' School and picked up new, AWESOME plein air easels.  Photo below:

And...well it was really, really, REALLY windy the first day out, and I had set up near the edge of a cliff (yes... I do now look back and ask myself "Why?") and the expected happened:  a huge gust of wind picked up my easel and tossed it over the edge of the cliff - fortunately before I had opened my Gamsol container!!!  See cliff below:
It's hard to see, I know, but this little ledge at the bottom was about 4 feet from the top level, and my palette broke away from the tripod and got caught on the rocks to the left of the dead tree which was hanging over the edge of the cliff, and the tripod and panel got jammed up in the tree.  My brushes were jettisoned off the cliff entirely, landing like missiles on the bank of the creek below.  Fortunately Carol had just had a dream about mountain climbing, and, instead of being mad that I almost impaled her, grabbed the brushes and bravely scaled the sheer side of the rock, and brought them back to me!
Note to self: Remember what you already knew about filling a bag with rocks and hooking it to the easel....
Sorry this is such a long post!  It was such an EXcellent adventure!
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