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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

1st Maine Painting. 6x8 Inches, Oil

This is the first attempt to paint in Maine this week.  Damariscotta harbor area.  Gotta run - no juice, no good internet connection!!!!


  1. Wonderful color harmony! Love the trees and their reflections...Maine agrees with you! Have FUN:)

  2. NIce painting. I take it you have not had good weather?
    I jumped when I saw you were near Damariscotta.
    I'm coming up next month to take a workshop with Dennis Poirier on Monhegan and I'm taking Concord Coach lines to Damariscotta and then hoping to get a taxi to the ferry. Wicked Good Taxi has gone out of business. Anyway, I'm excited about the trip. Spending a couple of days in Boston first.
    Happy Painting-you did a great job on this one!

  3. Nicely done, Kelley. You have a great week to be in Maine. :) I am working the better part of the week, oh how I envy you. Enjoy yourself!

  4. Beautiful as I know the scenery is there... Hope that you are enjoying your time, getting infused with new vistas, ideas, friends, inspiration!

    I think that Paco will enjoy his vacation and may be spoiled rotten before your return...


  5. Lovely painting, so summery! Good luck with the internet, looking forward to more! Enjoy you time in Maine!


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