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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Belated National Donut Day, 6x6 Inches, Oil (T-shirt Giveaway)

$100 &$10 S&H

Well, I missed posting a donut on National Donut Day last week because I was in Sedona - a town, believe it or not, without a donut shop.  Can you imagine?  I was totally out of my element.  The closest they came to a donut shop was a bagel shop, which, .... come on!  So... clearing out the cobwebs, and jet lag, etc. today I went to Sip & Dip (remember Tina, the greatest Donut Girl ever?  She remembered me - "Oh, the Donut Lady!") and got a great big (about 2 1/2 inches tall) jelly donut.  My favorite part of the painting was the drip, of course, in the detail below:
Now, here's the thing.  I got a T-shirt made that says "I love Kelley's Jellies!" with an image of one of my donut paintings on it.  Size Large (will definitely shrink).  The first person to email me saying they want it, and gives me their address gets it - I'll pay for the shipping.  
Happy National Donut Day... Belated!


  1. oooo.... I'm lovin' this donut... now I have a serious carb craving.

  2. This is fabulous especially the drip. Glad you had a good painting trip to Sedona and didn't blow away along with your easel.

  3. Tried to send an email, but it was rejected. If I am the first, I would love the t-shirt. My address is 808 King St., Beaufort, SC 29902.

  4. You and your gorgeous Kelley's Jellies have been missed. I think this is one of your best. That filling is just perfect color and translucent and yummy. Love the brushwork in the doughnut! Love it.
    Great tee shirt idea- I emailed:)
    Happy Kelley's Doughnut Day!

  5. Great post Kelley. Love those jelly donuts. My mother used to buy a half dozen from the bakery truck that drove down the street every Friday morning back in the 1950's Wonderful memories for me.
    I emailed you directly because your link here isn't working for me. Hope I win the tee shirt.

  6. One of your best ever!! Love the lavender in the shadows. YUM!

  7. I missed the boat with the Donut Day to! But you served up a delish' piece of art for the occasion. Good going Contessa.

  8. That donut is looking mighty fine Kelley. Great brushwork and color.
    Brings back many fun memories of little ones with powdered sugar all over their faces.
    No donuts in Sedona... what are they thinking!!!!!!!! There's a business opportunity for someone.

  9. Okay - drat! Missed that one, but I do still love Kelley's jellies! : )) And who knew there was a National Donut Day? I thought of you and Susan on the weekend at the wedding I was at - there was a donut tree! All HANDMADE!! I posted some pics on my blog today. yum.

  10. Love your work. OK, now I'm REALLY hungry!


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