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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Breathe, Ocean Study, 4x4 Inches, Oil


This is kind of a Zen painting.  I stood at the (Horseneck) beach and listened to, and watched the waves come in, and studied all the colors of the water and the sky and the sand... it's another 'baby' painting - one meant for desk-side company.  I love doing these little ones - honestly I've never thought about it, but it's an amazing way to do studies for larger works.  I think, now, I will probably attempt this in a 24x24 format, on board.  I'd like to have a few of these in large scale scattered around my home, to remind me to breathe...

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dunes of Summer, 4x4 Inches, Oil Painting

$65 & $10 S&H

I'm back in the saddle again - took a whole day off from art-related things - and just spent time with my husband and boys (my daughter is with friends on a very nice island...:(), and was chomping at the bit today to paint.  
Do you know Nancy Angelini Crawford?  Very cool artist.  From Alaska.  Last Spring I was in Sedona painting with my buddies Mary Sheehan Winn and Carol Marine, and Nancy came to visit Carol.  After painting, we were sitting in a shaded sort of pavilion and Nancy and I got to talking and it turns out she grew up in the next town over from me, and her best friend and my best friend were sisters!  So we had actually hung out decades ago! 
Anyway when she visits her Mom we have gotten together to paint, twice now.  Today we went to Horseneck Beach in Westport and painted there.  I did two little 4x4 paintings, of which this is one!  Here's a close up of the brushwork - teeny tiny, but I had so much fun doing it!  It's a painting that probably won't need a frame, and will sit happily on a desk, reminding someone that Summer is never that far away... and the beach beckons....

Sunday, May 27, 2012


As Calvin & Hobbs say "The Days Are Just Packed..."
I do not have any new artwork from this weekend.... First on Friday night was the North River Arts Festival Opening, where I went to cheer on my friends who got awards in the show.

Then Saturday my niece Darcy was feted for graduating from nursing school (my sister had a cake made featuring a photo of 3 year old Darcy in her nurse outfit and toy needle and stethoscope, because she liked to take people's 'Temper', and their 'Blood Chester'...)

Then the Art Stable Gallery had it's Opening Day!

Then Sunday I drove back to North River, but was too pooped to paint.  My husband and older son were helping my younger son move from Boston to Providence...
It's all good, but it's a full life!  Painting this week, for sure...

Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

6x6 Inches, Acrylic

This marsh was inspired by about 100 photos of the marshes on St. Simon's Island, GA.  We have plenty of marshes here, and for about 20 years I lived in an area south of Boston that was very marshy.  Here in RI - at least where I am - it's more rocky and be beachy and sandy.  Well, I'm not sure I want to sell this one.  It may have a spot in my heart and my home.

But I would like to extend an invitation to all of you - those of you in the South Shore area, this is THE weekend for the North River Art  Society's FESTIVAL  Saturday and Sunday!!!  I have two pieces (below) in the juried show, and 10 smaller, unframed pieces in the Art Sale there.  I think you'll like what I've chosen for the Sale!


And those of you in the South Coast/RI area, the Art Stable Gallery on Main Road is opening this weekend and will be open from 11-3 Saturday and Sunday.

This weekend we remember our vets, and all who have served.  Thank you for your gift to our country!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Carnation Bouquet, 8x8 Inches, Original Acrylic Painting

$150 & $10 S&H  

Where have I been?  There's always a story, no?  But if you add these ingredients - 
  • New Gallery (check it out, HERE) opening this weekend, Sat & Sun, 11-3
  • Exhaustion
  • Painting Block
The recipe makes for a ton of wiped-off paintings, enforced naps, and mild interventions of beloved friends telling you to S-L-O-W D-O-W-N.  So this little painting finally, finally came out today.  It's a bit bigger than the usual 6x6 or so I normally do, hence the slightly higher price.

By the way - when you receive a painting of mine and you send me a photo of it in your home - it totally MAKES MY DAY!   (Thank you Elise!~)  

In other news my 'job' at my new gallery is to set up and maintain a Facebook Fan Page (HERE - I'd love to see a ton of 'likes' on that!) and a Blog (HERE - not much up yet - but trust me, it's coming!  Go ahead and subscribe to that, too - it won't be overwhelming, I promise).  But in my muddled state on Monday I inadvertently put up, instead of a 'Page' on Facebook, a 'Discussion Group'.  Got everyone quite confused, as well as myself, who... actually doesn't know how that happened.. .:) wish me well....

Thursday, May 17, 2012

$100 & $10 S&H

It's martini time again!  These olives are deliberating... gin or vodka martini's.  I know a real martini is gin.  And yum about that, right?  Especially my favorite, Hendrick's Gin.  Not that I drink a lot, but (like the guy in the commercial for Dos Equis) when I DO, I like really good stuff.  Ahem.  And about that.. I have another painting trip coming up, and one of my friends from that group is with me on the hunt for the PERFECT Cosmo.  The palest shade of pink blush.  Chilled martini glasses.  Really, don't even think about ice (unless you're in the South and it's truly hot!), because with that cold glass, and the shaker full of ice - that baby won't have TIME to warm down.  So I'm going to be practicing making them.  I'm going to get tips from the bartender at The Boat House Restaurant in Tiverton, which, if you are ever in the area... you should go.  This is turning into a drink and restaurant critique... so, let's get back to those olives!

*SATURDAY* is the Girls Just Wanna Paint Opening!!!

SO hard to photograph!  I loved all the greens in them.  At first, because I just was reading about this awesome artist who does this, I tried mixing up my colors right at the outset.  The problem was, I kept thinking the green was GREENER than it is.  It's almost a yellow, an ochre-y yellow.  And the shadows are dark, but not as dark as I initially thought.  So... I'm back to mixing as I go.  So what if it's not as quick?  I'm not quick.  Take it from me that these babies look so much better in person.
AND.... I was the featured artists in the YWCA's publication "She Shines".  Learning a lot about giving interviews..

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

See all our work in person, together in one place! 
We have all our Challenges since December here in the Bumpus Gallery in the Duxbury Library.  We have been asked to make a poster like the image above, which we did in limited number, and they are for sale at a very affordable price ($10) at the Library.

Please know how much it means to each and every one of us to see you at our Opening!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Oh, Happy Day!!!, 12x12 Inches, Oil Painting

This painting is so joyful!  I feel the little boy dancing in the sand on the first day of vacation.  I love his red hair!  This painting will be included in my paintings at the Art Stable Gallery, which opens May 26 (more on that later - I really MUST start my Newsletter, there's so much going on!).

I painted him using techniques I learned in Karin Jurick's workshop last November.  So I have featured this little guy on my 'ad' for my figure workshop, which is a one-day workshop, next Monday, the 21st, at my studio.  You should come.  I do a demo, then we paint, and then I feed everyone a home made lunch. We laugh, (some of us might shed a tear), we bond, and the creativity and talent that is unleashed in absolutely amazing.  I probably talk a little about blogging, since I can't seem to help myself, but everybody takes home at least one painting they L*O*V*E.  Info is on my 'Page' at the top of the blog.  But feel free to email me for info.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Island Cottage, 6x8 Inches, Plein Air Oil Painting


I just got back from a week on St. Simons Island, GA, with a wonderful group of friends/artists.  Restorative.  Relaxing.  Rejuvenating. 
My goal on this trip was definitely not to see how many plein air paintings I could come home with.  I've done that on painting trips and come home exhausted.  No... this time I tried to absorb the feel of the place, take a lot of photos, do some sketching and come home with at least 2 (and I got 3) paintings.  A couple of wipe-offs are to be expected.  Talking far into the night with amazing and huge hearted artists from all over the country.  Below is a happy moment after we all learned how to hit a golf ball (more or less) from Pro Kathy Cousart.

Left to right:

That's us.  The Gaggle of Artists.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Where The Clouds Are, 8x10


Here I am in Georgia, on St. Simon's Island, and these skies above the marsh.  To Die For.  I'm painting, yes, but I'm also talking a lot of photos, and doing a little relaxation and having some girlfriend time.  Sorry for the lack of posts, I've been in overdrive for the last month, and this island is a goooood place to take your blood pressure down.  Island Time.  Puffy clouds.  Palm Trees.  Good wine at night.  Hear me go "Ahhhhhhhhh...."  Plenty of new paintings will come from this trip.   :D

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

KIT! Hilton Head Gang Mugshot 4x4 Inches, Oil

I am really getting down to the last few mugshots - I think I have 6 left.  Kit was making a 'tough' face in her mug shot.  She was really a pleasant gal!
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