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Friday, August 31, 2012

Old Best Friend, 6x6 Inch Original Oil Painting Of A Guitar by Kelley MacDonald

$100 & $10 S&H

You might get a chuckle out of this.... when I was about 13 I FINALLY got a guitar (after much begging for a piano... a story for another day) and took lessons from Sister Barbara Thomas.  The girls I met in class were mostly serious, like me, and we started hanging out and playing. (No nail polish for me!)  We eventually got asked to play - at a B'nai B'rith (I hope I'm spelling this right) meeting.  Now why these lovely ladies wanted a group of 8 girls from the Sacred Heart Academy to play - mostly songs from Mass - for them, I'll never know.  We did learn "Hava Nagila" to play, as well.  We had a BLAST - and they were so supportive and wonderful!  

At that time there was a group, or band of a few older (17, 18 year olds) from our school and they called themselves "The Parables" (they played at the Folk Masses... get it?).  One day while we were fooling around and practicing someone barged into our room and stood still, looking puzzled and said "What are you guy - the Pebbles?" (meaning The Parables) - well we couldn't stop laughing, and so our little group had a name.  The Pebbles.  I was a Pebble for about 3 years or so, till some of the girls went to college.

Our CHALLENGE topic for Girls Just Wanna Paint for August was "MUSIC".  I found an old guitar with my sons' things, and started fooling around.  Now the fingers on my left hand are practically all blistered, and sore, and I have been messing around with 'Garage Band' AND I've vowed to get myself a nice guitar.  WOOO HOOO - one more thing to keep me from housework!

Check out our responses to "Music" HERE, and subscribe so you never miss our fun posts!  We are adding a new piece - interviews - starting this month, so stay tuned~

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stack of Three Jellies, 6x6 Oil Painting by Kelley Macdonald


Oh, despite the rain it was a WONDERFUL Open Studio~  Friends old and new dropped by and braved the drippy skies to say hello, see new work, and take new pieces home with them.  I had fabulous friends helping me, Jane Colbath and Carol Zaloumis were in charge of the 'cash wrap' desk - Meelynna Lor was so wonderful both the day before labeling and on Saturday patiently walking Jane and I through the 'Square' over and over and over.  (Got it now, Meelynna!)

Many, many of you came out, too, and I can't tell you how I appreciate seeing you in person!  I had a raffle for one of my new resin coated paintings for my blog followers only, and the winner was - unbelievably - Carol Zaloumis!  Unbelievable, because she didn't want her name in the jar - and I argued that it didn't matter that she was 'working' with me, if she was a blog follower - she was eligible!  And now... she'll receive her painting in the mail.

I am taking a break.  Summer was all work for me so far (granted, the best work one can possibly have...) but I'm going to enjoy the end of the summer, and if I get a little painting in... good!  If not, I'll let my creative juices stew, and enjoy my family before diving back in with new ideas and inspirations in September!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Message In The Clouds, 30x40 Inch Original Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald

30x40 inch oil painting. (LOOK how tiny my initials on the right look!)

One of my favorite scenes, which I personally witnessed and can produce the photo - I have painted this before but never this big.  The paint is thick especially in the cloud area, and when I look at the water it brings me right back to the beach I was walking that day.
It was a difficult time.  I didn't know how I could manage more... more... more.. you've been there?  Well, in a prayer, I asked for a sign... a sign to help me gather strength, a sign of love and support... and I looked up, and no kidding....  It looked impossible.  All of a sudden the beach was empty (it was September, but there had been other walkers besides me) and I stood, slack-jawed... and thought... "Yup, I can do it..."  and I did, and came through it.

This will be at my Open Studio - along with fun little paintings which are inspired by the foam edges of the gentle laps of the water nearby.  They are coated with resin, which makes a rock-hard-glassy barrier.. and makes the colors just sing!

If you follow my blog, and come to my Open Studio - TELL ME or the person at the 'desk', and I will enter you in a raffle for a FREE resin-foam/bubbles painting! (you'll just have to put your address on your entry so I can ship it - also free - to the winner, hopefully YOU.)
Example of Foam/Bubble painting before the resin coating:

Last year I had Blog friends from every state in New England, and more - it was such a great thing!
Good LUCK!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Coco's Best, 12x12 Inches Oil Painting of Chocolate Lab by Kelley MacDonald

This is the 3rd in a series of dogs swimming, this one being at a Dock Dogs competition.  I thought Coco was a pretty cool name for a Chocolate Lab, and I certainly am enjoying painting the pool water! This, along with the other two, will be available at my Open Studio this weekend, on the South Coast Open Studio Tour!

From anywhere: get to Route 195 and take exit 8A, Route 24 to Newport.
Take Exit 5 and take a LEFT off the exit onto rte 77 South.  This is Main Road, follow to 1888 Main Road! 
 I am called #8 (there is no rhyme or reason for the numbers, I know) on the MAP.  Just follow the easy directions above, you'll find me!
I'm preparing something new and exciting to show you.....

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Teaser For Open Studio

This is a 30x30 Inch oil painting on canvas that took me, quite literally, months to do.  Sometimes I just can't help doing something like this, quite different from my usual contemporary realism.  I can stand for hours in front of the canvas, in a kind of meditative state, just thinking 'Shape' 'shape' 'shape' 'color' 'color' 'color'.  I'm quite sure there are thousands of brushstrokes.  I don't know where it comes from, or if it's 'legitimate', it just makes me happy, and I find myself putting important things off (go home, eat lunch, walk the dog) to do just one or two more colors.

So, no, I was not thinking of Klimt or any other artist when I did this, perhaps subconsciously, but not actively.

WHATEVER!  It's fun for me and I'll have it at my Open Studio this weekend, from 11-5, Saturday and Sunday.  1888 Main Road, Tiverton, RI.
*This will be for sale, contact me for info

Friday, August 10, 2012

Tax Free Weekend In MA

This is a painting of a boathouse inspired by Boathouse Row, in Westport, MA.  I changed up the color of the door to yellow, because it just seemed like a fun color to set off the violets and greens and blues that surround it!  This painting is at the Art Stable Gallery, and is 18x18 inches, framed in dark wood.  This weekend is tax free in MA, so the paintings in the gallery (which is in MA) all will be flying out the door, I imagine!

I apologize about the non-functioning link on my last post.  It is fixed, and apparently I misunderstood Kate's workshop is $250!  So.... the record is straight now!  Still totally worth it IMHO.

You know, I want to thank all of you who subscribe to my blog, listen to my meandering mind and share my art journey.  The comments that you make really make my day, every day.  Never ever think they have no impact!  Thank you.  THANK YOU!  And... now...if you're in Pembroke, MA this evening, I'll be there, too, to accept an Honorable Mention for my Birds On A Fence!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Broken, 6x6 Inch Oil Painting of a Jelly Donut by Kelley Macdonald

$100 & $10 S&H
 This was one fun painting to do.  I broke it open, and, yup, gobbled up a piece I tore off.  I'm hoping that Wednesday is a better day.  Tuesday started with my loving orange kitty FLINGING a small dead bird onto me as I slept.  Then he pounced on it and practiced killing it again.  OMG.

But the day certainly picked up when I met a new friend for coffee in Providence.  Kate Hanley is a guru, yoga master, wise-beyond-her-years gal who is relatively new to Providence, via NYC.  She is bubbling over with ideas to help people (I know, right?) find balance, peace and health in their lives.  She has two pre-schoolers and is planning on giving retreats for people (I think: women) to show them how to center themselves and give themselves a refreshing pause when they need it.  She is very cool.  You will love her.  Check out her site HERE

The first session is a full day on Friday, September 28 - a day long retreat.  It's at the unbelievable price of $100 - I believe this is an introductory price.  Rehoboth MA, right off 195.  As soon as there's a paypal button, I'm on it.  I'll let you know.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Boston Cream Donut! 6x6 Inch Original Oil Painting

$100 & $10 S&H

Nom nom!  My husband's favorite kind of donut.  He rarely eats them, but he could SMELL the donut under the lights as I was painting it.  When I was done he walked up to the easel and said "NOW I want one of those!"  Too bad, as the one I had bought died under the hot lights~  

Funny little story - I had gone to Dunkin's to get JELLY donuts to paint for the upcoming Open Studio.  The manager greeted me, and when I told him I wanted jellies to paint he got all excited - But you HAVE to see the chocolate frosteds and Boston Creams today - they did an EXCELLENT job with the frosting! (so, OK, I agreed, and bought this one!).  But it's weird because I have really 'leaned on him' about the skimpy frosting on their donuts at this shop!  I told him "Anyone who wants to buy a frosted donut LIKES frosting - not the illusion of frosting!"  And I have not purchased (or painted) a frosted donut from his shop in months and months!  So  - here we are.. drool away!

Excited as tonight is our Girls Just Wanna Paint meeting - it's at Nancy Colella's house and it's usually a PERFECT evening at the beach!  Check out our paintings for "HEAT" HERE!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ooeey Gooey Stack of Jelly Donuts, 6x6 inch Oil Painting by Kelley Macdonald


Today was Donut Day in my studio.  While yesterday I labored over 4 large sky paintings, today I bought a box of donuts and set about to getting some inventory for my Open Studio.  While the Donut War has wrapped up (both sides winners), I found myself diving into this painting and just having a ball withe the drippy jelly and the powdered sugar.  And, no, I don't paint the 'dots' of sugar one by one! :)

My second donut painting needs more work before I show it to you.  It was a victim of ungodly humidity in the studio.  While the overall temp was mid-high 80's, the humidity was raging.  My hands were sopping in my gloves, and I was getting cranky, I tell you!

But for fun, here's a slew of works-in-progress, where I am inspired by the foam at the tips of the small laps of water here on the river.  I have decided I am just going to play with colors, matching them up as I like, just favorites of colors.  I still have some to do on each, but this is the general gist.  And THEN I'm planning on trying to cover them with resin for a glass-like finish.  I am so excited about these.  They'll be on a table of their own at my Open Studios on the 18th and 19 of this month.  Enjoy the colors...

  They are all 6x6 or smaller.

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