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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Double Trouble, 6x6 Inch Acrylic Painting by Kelley MacDonald

"Double Trouble", 6x6 inch original acrylic painting on archival board
$100 & $12 S&H
So.... it's a warm and sunny Summer morning, and you are out and about, listening to the birds, thinking about the day, and craving a coffee.  So you pull into a coffee shop (which will remain nameless but can be found on every 4th block in Rhode Island, anyway).  And you are just going to get a coffee.  Yes.  Absolutely.  

But... the woman behind the counter brings out a rack of plump puffs of sugar coated soft-as-a baby's-belly donuts oozing jelly... and WAIT.. where is your resolve?  How many do you WANT?  (how many can you fit in your car?) .  OK.  2.  No ... 3   So... 4.  Yes, 4.  And... it kind of makes a one-of-a-kind perfect morning, with enough to share with the dog, the spouse and anyone who might drop by (or the dog, if he can reach the bag).....

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Summer Skies, 8x10 inch Acrylic painting by Kelley MacDonald

Well, "a day late and a dollar short", as my much-missed Dad used to say!  This painting was for our GirlsJustWannaPaint post that went up Friday, and our topic this month was "Summer Skies".  Look at the rest of them HERE. I was going for a bit of a push in my brushwork, easier for me in oil than acrylic, but I wanted to try.  I'm a big advocate of putting down a stroke of paint and leaving it, and I wanted to hold myself accountable and not mush or smooth colors together.  Why?  You are probably asking (if you are not an artist) .... well, it demands a level of confidence, that you have thought about the color, and the value (darkness or lightness of that color) that can't be faked.  I wanted also to allow the colors I saw in the sky, clouds and water to be allowed to 'ripen' next to each other.

Sometimes a passerby will stop and look as I'm working outdoors and say "Do you really see those colors in the cloud?" "Yes," I reply, "and so would you if you took a moment and just looked at that one spot in the cloud."  Artists learn to really really look at everything.

Other news~ I am having an online auction at my former home, featuring a bunch of paintings - bidding starts at a dollar, you do have to register to bid, but if you are interested in a painting, rather than having to pick it up if you don't live in driving distance, I will ship, and bill you the shipping.  Honestly, I have things still sitting at $1!!!  All you have to do is email me at  Here you go, scroll through:
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