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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mom's Mug & Donut , oil 5x7

I think I've reached the end of 'snack-fueled' images, plus I'm craving more color, but this cup was from my mom's first set of 'good' dishes, and although they're not my favorite, they remind me of her.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Raspberry Thumbprints, 6x6 oil

Stopped by a bakery today and was enthralled by the lucious selection of cookies - so pretty!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Cherry, Cherry, BoBerry 6x12 acrylic

I love cherries, and I love painting them. I spent hours trying to paint a single cherry, cut in half, then tossed it out, and then rolled these guys on a shelf- the painting just popped out of me!

Can't Elope, 6x8 acrylic

This was from last week, when I was locked out of my old blog. I love cantelopes!

Just A Banana

This is actually paler than the painting... this is the way I like my bananas...

Got Milk?

I was trying to let these cookies go stale so I wouldn't eat them. They were left over from my Open Studio in November, and I was weakening.... I thought it would be an easy 1 hour painting... took almost two hours, then was pretty impossible to photograph!

Seashells from Previous Blog

Sorry I couldn't save the 'comments' from the other blog... Thank you all so much for leaving them!

Paintings From My Previous Blog

Paintings recovered from first attemp at blogging with Blogger. I got locked out (so did a lot of other folks) so decided that rather than wait more than a week for a response from the Help Desk, I'd just set up a new, improved blog. Again, thanks for looking.
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