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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sunflowers, 6x6 Acrylic

I've probably been going on and on about how preoccupied I am with my upcoming show, and eviction from our studio building... I feel it's been interfering with my painting in general. Today I happened upon David Darrow's Blog (just google it!) and he was talking about a friend of his who was 'blocked'. His solution was to stop worrying about painting and just paint - plan on doing some crappy work, but do it joyfully, and see what happens. Well, I tried it this morning... and this is what happened! I'm really liking how loose it came out, and I like it on my French table runner with the coral & blue border. Thank you, David!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Ready for Dinner, Acrylic, 6x6

A 1 a.m. painting... both these and the Dutch shoes look better in real life. Sorry for the 'double' post today, all you who get it via email... I didn't post yesterday, and who knows what tomorrow will bring? I'm hanging the show on Wednesday, so it's a bit crazy!

Dutch Shoes, 6x6 Acrylic

While these ARE loosely painted, I think the photo is a bit blurry. Well, I painted them at midnight last night (one 'plus' for insomnia) and maybe was SEEING this way. I wanted the Dutch shoes in every color, but really, what would I have done with them all?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Farewell, Macarons! 6x6 Acrylic

These macaroon cookies are from Laduree in Paris.. I brought back ELEVEN (onze) boxes to give out as gifts, but some people I just never connected with, and, well, it's been a month with no preservatives.... So I decided to paint them. They came in lucious flavors - too many to remember, but each was better than the last! So rich you could only eat ONE at a sitting - no, really, even me! So now that there's no more macaroons... someone needs to go BACK to Paris to get more, right?

Thanks for all your well-wishes about the Studio Search.
I know something good is out there for me!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Aqua Chicks, Acrylic 6x6 on canvas block

These little chick salt & pepper shakers were at a little shop in Boston's North End, just waiting for me. When Tim looked at me, one eyebrow raised - like "What would you use THOSE for?" (because where I live salt gets all hard asap due to the humidity) I knew I had to do a Daily Painting (or more) of them. I like them on this purple background, too.

If I'm a little scattered, less reliable for my daily paintings these days it's because 1) I'm getting ready for the Vineyard Show in a week, and 2) see below - this is what I see when I go to my studio these days. The demolition of the building is imminent, even though we were told it would be after the 1st of the year (next year). They said we could continue to occupy the building while they tear the asbestos shingles off.... I don't think so.... so I'm frantically searching for (and dreaming of) new studio space.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Dutch Trees, Oil 5x6

These trees in Holland were so perfect and all in a row... the foggy morning we arrived I took some shots of them and have been meaning to paint them. I also am working on Japanese Irises in my Studio Blog . Trying to get ready for the Westport Vineyard Show next week. :)
Oh, and check out Paula Villanova's new blog (link on the right)!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Cosmos, Oil 6x6

Like everyone else, I guess, we grow Cosmos. I never really thought that much of them till I started seeing people do Daily Paintings of them. Now I have a new set of blue/green milkglass type vases, and I'm going to see if I can do some daily paintings with them. This is the smallest vase, and the brightest color of Cosmos. Just happy!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Turf Discussion, oil 5x7

These roosters were hanging out at Westport Point last fall and I've been thinking about painting them ever since. I liked their interaction, as well as their stark colors. Sorry I've been a bit of a slacker since my travels. Came home to find the 'end' of my studio time in Rockland is imminent, not the first of the year as was initially indicated. So I've been very much grieving my studio, while trying desperately to find affordable space closer to home. If anyone has any ideas or tips.... I'd love them!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Now THAT's A Tiny Tomato, Oil, 6x8

Last Summer I tasted Currant Tomatoes for the first time - they are just miniscule! So we are growing them this year. Compared to cherries they're teeny. I was playing with neutrals and reds, of things inside glass, and outside of it. Just a fun day in the studio (you'd think I didn't have a SHOW coming up in 2 weeks...). Also using Carol Marine's recipe for Painting Medium, and I loved how smoothly the paint slid off the brush. Thanks, Carol.

Crescent Moon, 8x10 Oil

***This is NOT a Daily Painting, but I'm including it to show I actually have been working!***

The Cats had escaped, and Harry was among the missing for a couple of hours last night. It's a huge game with him, and eluding me is his 'mission', so I decided to relax a bit and paint a nocturne while I was waiting for his hunger to kick in. This is the scene that unfolded over Aquidneck Island and I was thrilled to be able to work on a nocturne. Harry came back when it was no longer fun to hide from me, and in the meantime I was thinking of Charles Sovek and his 'rivers of light' that indicate the currents in the water. I think of Sovek often these days, as I was fully intending to try to take another workshop with him next Summer, and now that he's passed away, that chance is gone. Yet another in a seemingly endless stream of reminders that life is transitory, and we need to stop putting things that we want to do off...

**This is a horrible photo of this piece.. will try for a better one today!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Garden Roses, 5x7, Acrylic

When is a rose NOT just a rose? When you've been cultivating them for 3 years, through plagues of bugs, black rot and mildew! These babies are killers for scent (the yellow ones) and elegance. To top things off we (and here I mean HE) painted the back door a gorgeous purple - the Chinese say a purple door invites good fortune. Anyway I put my roses up against it and it begged to be painted. I think oils would have been great, too, but it's very hot and humid, so I wanted a quick clean up!
Well, I've been struggling since I've gotten back, to paint my 'Dailies'. Everything came out wrong. Of course, I was also getting ready for the Plein Air Show I'm in at Gallery 297 this month in Bristol, RI. I have nine pieces hung there, plus the "Oil on Water" show - I'll post the painting from that on my studio blog. So I've been framing and carting things around, and it's been a plethora (!) of birthdays, and I'll always be ready to celebrate a birthday! So LIFE has been hectic, but with all good things, and now I'm back in the saddle, so to speak ;)

Sketchbook from Trip

Just to show that I haven't been a complete slacker, here's some of the quick sketches from my trip. I didn't bring my paints (God, I brought TEN pair of shoes - hey, I have bad feet!) because it would have been too much to lug! Anyway, here's the view from our B&B in Fronsac. The actual 'chateau' we stayed at...

The road to the next chateau/vineyard....

And now we're in Paris.. 1/3 of the Arc de Triumph

Eiffel Tower... THAT I can spell...

This was from sketchbook #2.... all France. I also sketched in Spain, but mostly goofy stuff. Dogs, people eating, etc. Trying today to get a Daily Painting going. I have vowed to step up to the plate in July, and I will. Maybe the profuse roses from the garden.... Hope you are all enjoying your Summer!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Where've I BEEN?

First, I apologise for going 'dark' on my blog, but as a 30th anniversary gift, Tim took me to France :)))). First, however, he had business in Madrid, so I took that opportunity to visit Sorolla's house. If you've never seen Joaquin Sorolla's work, you should google him. He painted in Spain, but visited the works of the impressionists in Paris. He's the original 'girl on the beach in a white dress' guy, which has been copied so much it's 'cheesy' now, but his pieces are large and gorgeous. And his family turned his home into a museum of his life and work. OK, Spanish business done, we headed for Bordeaux. Apparently not too many Americans invade (pardon the not-funny pun) this area, many German visitors, and British, but it's largely ignored (and ssssssshhhhhh, only we'll know how awesome it and it's wine is!) by Americans! We visited the town of St. Emilion and were completely charmed...

And last, but not least, we hit PARIS, where we 'marathoned' on art and architecture! I'll post some of my sketches tomorrow, I have had a brain-scramble in my computer, and it's taken me days to figure out how to post the photo I've chosen (the computer kept selecting a different one - like you want to see me drinking kir, or the French pug I took pictures of!). Once again, thanks for looking!

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