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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Aqua Chicks, Acrylic 6x6 on canvas block

These little chick salt & pepper shakers were at a little shop in Boston's North End, just waiting for me. When Tim looked at me, one eyebrow raised - like "What would you use THOSE for?" (because where I live salt gets all hard asap due to the humidity) I knew I had to do a Daily Painting (or more) of them. I like them on this purple background, too.

If I'm a little scattered, less reliable for my daily paintings these days it's because 1) I'm getting ready for the Vineyard Show in a week, and 2) see below - this is what I see when I go to my studio these days. The demolition of the building is imminent, even though we were told it would be after the 1st of the year (next year). They said we could continue to occupy the building while they tear the asbestos shingles off.... I don't think so.... so I'm frantically searching for (and dreaming of) new studio space.


  1. So depressing to see the machinery there. The place where we all parked our cars near the building was roped off too...bummer...I'm going to miss that place sooo much....

  2. I just know there’s a great new painting space waiting for you out there somewhere ... here’s hoping you find it soon!

    oh, and I love the aqua chicks ... great color and placement!

  3. Thanks, Karen, I know, I KNOW! My mother used to say "God never shuts one door without opening another... you just have to keep your eyes open and LOOK for the other door!" So just call me "blinkless in Rhode Island"... :)

  4. The whole thing has been so depressing. I will miss this place.
    I think I've been the happiest here, that I've ever been. Just a wonderful energy and vibe.

  5. I know the husband look well.
    He can't believe the stuff I bring home. Always with a painting in mind.


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