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Monday, July 23, 2007

Dutch Trees, Oil 5x6

These trees in Holland were so perfect and all in a row... the foggy morning we arrived I took some shots of them and have been meaning to paint them. I also am working on Japanese Irises in my Studio Blog . Trying to get ready for the Westport Vineyard Show next week. :)
Oh, and check out Paula Villanova's new blog (link on the right)!


  1. Thanks Kelley! Also, nice job on the Dutch trees. I remember driving past them and they were definitely a painting waiting to happen. Everything about that country seemed well designed..even the tree arrangement!

  2. Think the Dutch planned it that way?

  3. Oh, yes, definitely. They're planted in a single row - possibly as a wind break - it's the land of windmills, after all! Very cool, in the middle of nowhere, to have man's 'input'...


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