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Monday, July 9, 2007

Sketchbook from Trip

Just to show that I haven't been a complete slacker, here's some of the quick sketches from my trip. I didn't bring my paints (God, I brought TEN pair of shoes - hey, I have bad feet!) because it would have been too much to lug! Anyway, here's the view from our B&B in Fronsac. The actual 'chateau' we stayed at...

The road to the next chateau/vineyard....

And now we're in Paris.. 1/3 of the Arc de Triumph

Eiffel Tower... THAT I can spell...

This was from sketchbook #2.... all France. I also sketched in Spain, but mostly goofy stuff. Dogs, people eating, etc. Trying today to get a Daily Painting going. I have vowed to step up to the plate in July, and I will. Maybe the profuse roses from the garden.... Hope you are all enjoying your Summer!


  1. I love these, especially the top 2 color sketches.

  2. Gee, thanks Joe! I had just started to use those prisma markers and it was awkward - but I really grew to like them. I'll have to get a few more colors - 6 pens didn't quite do it! Everyone should check out JOE's blog, too,! I'm a big fan!

  3. What wonderful sketches....just so completely capture the must have had a fantastic trip!

  4. Mom- I love these sketches, I feel like I could have been there with you when I see them. (I did check your blog before tonight but I just realized why I love those so much... ps it's been 3 days, where are the new paintings!?!? just kidding)


  5. i like your very lively sketches!


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