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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Where've I BEEN?

First, I apologise for going 'dark' on my blog, but as a 30th anniversary gift, Tim took me to France :)))). First, however, he had business in Madrid, so I took that opportunity to visit Sorolla's house. If you've never seen Joaquin Sorolla's work, you should google him. He painted in Spain, but visited the works of the impressionists in Paris. He's the original 'girl on the beach in a white dress' guy, which has been copied so much it's 'cheesy' now, but his pieces are large and gorgeous. And his family turned his home into a museum of his life and work. OK, Spanish business done, we headed for Bordeaux. Apparently not too many Americans invade (pardon the not-funny pun) this area, many German visitors, and British, but it's largely ignored (and ssssssshhhhhh, only we'll know how awesome it and it's wine is!) by Americans! We visited the town of St. Emilion and were completely charmed...

And last, but not least, we hit PARIS, where we 'marathoned' on art and architecture! I'll post some of my sketches tomorrow, I have had a brain-scramble in my computer, and it's taken me days to figure out how to post the photo I've chosen (the computer kept selecting a different one - like you want to see me drinking kir, or the French pug I took pictures of!). Once again, thanks for looking!

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  1. Yay she's back!
    I can't wait to hear about the trip in person!


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