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Thursday, June 14, 2007

NOT a Daily Painting, but...

Tim planted these gorgeous black irises (which I didn't want but now I LOVE) and I'm working on a 16x20 plein air painting (see bottom photo). Still have to work on the background and the leaves, but.... we cut one of the stems and put it in our kitchen (right near the sink where I clean my brushes, etc) and for the past couple of days I've been berating myself for being so SLOPPY with my paints, there have been drips of deep, deep violet on the counter and on things AROUND the counter - and I just found out that theses flowers DRIP some kind of painty/ink that looks and acts just like deep violet acrylic paint! WHO KNEW? So ... one less thing I can yell at myself about. These are amazing flowers that look black until the light hits them and then they have this magenta/violet that glows going on...
SO sorry about the lack of Daily Paintings... I'm getting ready for a Plein Air Show in Bristol at Gallery 297 (Opening July 7th... please, please come if you are in the area!) as well as my show at Westport Rivers Vineyard, local art competitions and my ANNIVERSARY TRIP to Paris (30th anniversary - yay!) with Tim! I'll be back on the Daily Painting Trail in July, I promise, promise, promise.


  1. Those are beautiful. I can't believe you didn't like them at first. Anyway, you've come around :D
    I had to come by and say hello, since I've not been painting for thet past two weeks. Yikes, how does the move from the Naples 'vacation' somehow turn into the, BOY WHAT A PILE OF YARD/HOUSE STUFF NEEDS DOING?
    Getting ready for Mama's B'day party and all that goes with it kept me away from painting and blogging.
    The good news about having to clear the "studio" room for a guest room, is that we purged and made everything smaller. I have a better idea how to make that room work. We're going for 'Less is More" here.
    Also, off to Nova Scotia Monday :D
    Plenty of painting to be had there!

  2. The Birthday breakfast was great. I felt so 'special'. Like a Church Lady!


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