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Monday, June 4, 2007

First Bite, 6x6 Acrylic


A little bit of glare, as you can see, but this was a particularly tasty watermelon and I had to paint it! Seedless, and I find often that these don't have quite the flavor of the seeded ones. It was great to paint today, after taking the week getting ready for the Beacon Hill Art Walk, which was yesterday. I think this was my last BH Artwalk, as bad weather and low sales combined two years in a row to make it not quite worth it. We'll have to see. It was fun to be with Mary Sheehan Winn (see side bar for bloglink), Joan Brancale, Nancy Colella and Tatiana Sink.

I'd like to mention here **** that the July/August issue of American Artist features my buddy Nancy Colella in a great article, and **** in the Spring/Summer issue of Cape Cod Life/Arts Edition there is a beautiful article about my girlfriend Joan Brancale and her work - check them out!

******************edited for better photo of painting***************


  1. I almost did this exact same painting today!!! I was wondering about that walk, too bad. I'm sure the rain didnt help at all. glad to have you back to blogworld though!

  2. What luscious, translucent melon color! Beautiful ... this painting is making my mouth water!


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