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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Gerber Daisy, 6x6 Acrylic

These were the flowers I brought to sit on the table at the Beacon Hill Artwalk. I haven't killed them yet, so I thought last night I'd paint them. It's funny, but pink to me is a hard color to paint, in acrylic or in oil - I am never satisfied with the brightness or richness of the color.


  1. My 'don't leave home without it' pink is Thalo Red Rose (Permanent Rose). Nothing else will do.
    Haven't painted a thing this week. I'm preparing for a weekend party to celebrate my mama's 80th B'day. The Florida folks are coming up and Baby Bro (40 yrs old), wife and two babies, and my Irish Twin Sister are staying with me. I'm so looking forward to it

  2. Kelley, I love your work!

    Please check my blog (the first post)
    as Marina offered helpful info regarding PayPal issues. Her comment is #16 from my very first post.

  3. HI Kelley! I think they are really well done. I think pinks are hard, too. I will take Mary's advice in the above comment!


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