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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This Little Piggy... 6x6 Inches, Oil

$100 & $10 S&H

This little piggy came from Sedona.  Carol Marine, Mary Sheehan Winn and I all were captivated by them.  So look for them to pup up here and there on the blogsphere.  It is actually a 3 legged pig.  I'm getting my painting legs back - and really really liked the way this little guy came out.  However after I finished him, I should have quit, but I plowed ahead, and painted this painting, below, which ended up getting wiped off!
I spent 3 hours today with my 'talking' Prius at the dealership - for a 15 minute scheduled appt.  After all they they 1) couldn't figure out why the car was beeping, chirping and flashing all the warning lights at me, and 2) they completely forgot to replace my headlight.  A not-so-sood morning all around.  So I'm not surprised that the one below was not up to par, and got 'the axe'.  Just so you know...


  1. Love little piggy:) Wonderful brushwork shaping the form. Those ears are so cool and the highlight on the tail is wonderful. Love that she is three legged- fun!

  2. i have a piggy 9 4 legs) but pink and cute- you have inspired me to paint her!
    The little mints look good to me- not so sure why the wipe out....

  3. I wish I had your mint picture rather than the rag. Don't see the problem. Don't be too hard on yourself. I think if my car was beeping at me I might be a bit a bit crazy.
    Love your pig too. Three legs?

  4. What can I say? This made me smile. Wonderful work.

  5. Kelley,
    Ok one little piggy went to market and this one went to the Prius dealer and went wee wee wee all the way home. Is that the rest of the story? Love ya Kell. We have to deal with these car. I spent a good part of my life last week getting tires. But now my Toyota has happy feet.

  6. Piggy painted, Prius serviced & one wipeout (not needed)...all in one day. Impressive. Hope you drank the martini from the last post at day's end.

  7. Oh Kelley, this is crazy, your wipe-out was just great! Next time, just mail it to me! I loved it! I think the dealership just put you in a negative place. As for the piggy, just adorable!

  8. Three legs, oh my? Love your value shift here and I look forward to seeing more of these from the other girls.

  9. Cute piggy
    BUT I absolutely love the one you apparently gave the ax to ??? Sad...

  10. Really nice job on the piggy, Kelley ... I love it! Sorry it sounds like you've been having frustrations with paintings the last week ... I have confidence you're going to break out soon (in a good way, of course!) ... This pig certainly seems a leap in the right direction!

  11. Hi Kelly,
    Very nice paintings!
    Best wishes.

  12. Love this little plump and cute! Well done getting those shadows Kelley.

  13. oh it is fabulous kelley!
    you are amazing!
    a & m


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