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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tea Time, 6x6 Acrylic

Finished this painting this morning by 7 a.m. I've always loved the celedon green teapots at this little restaurant in Westport called The Bayside. There's a view down to the water and it's just a sweet little place. I've been painting a lot - I'll post my North End painting on my studio blog at after this post. I did one oil study there, then an acrylic. I absolutely cannot decide which medium I like better, although oil has a slight advantage :)


  1. Jealous! I love her work. What a great workshop that will be.
    ...My son was in Bristol on sat. with my neighbor and her 3 kids and I think they saw you. he said "oh and Mom, I saw that artist lady who was at the gallery and she has yellow hair and won a prize like you did, she was painting today" Sounds like you!

  2. Funny, Debbie, I BET that was me, painting across from the Wharf Tavern (I did the Clamdiggers, and people kept stopping to look at my piece, then down at the wharf, as if the photo tacked to the side of the easel wasn't a dead give-away I wasn't painting from LIFE!). It was a gorgeous day... I love the part about the 'yellow hair'! :)

  3. Gorgeous colors, Kelley! I really like this!

  4. Kelley:

    Your paintings are fresh in color and composition. I was wondering how you soften edges in acrylics when they dry so fast? Also did you study with Charles Sovek?

    Ruth Ann
    Bethesda, Md.


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