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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bass River, 6x12 Oil

This was painted on my recent trip to the Cape. It was that magical moment just as the sun sets and the glow is caught in the sails of the boats. I know a lot of people won't paint this colorful moment because 'nobody will believe it', but this moment at dawn and dusk are the times of day that make me feel most alive and connected to everything else in the world, corny, I know. So actually I dont' CARE if anyone ever buys this type of painting from me, I do it for myself. I did a workup of this on a sleepless night last weekend, in an 8x16 format in acrylic - you can see it on my studio blog :


  1. This looks beautiful on the dark background, I missed my girls :(
    Where have I been?
    30 hours later my studio floors are sanded, that's where I've been.
    Have to seal them and then I can move in. Check out the before and after pics on my blog.

  2. The thing I like most about blogging besides looking at all the paintings, is the anecdotal nature of the blog.
    It's an existential thing and I enjoy reading the thoughts and experiences of the blogger. It's fun. Like a diary but not.
    It's certainly widened my horizons.

  3. These kinds of scenes really seem to me to be what you keep coming back to. Your ability to go beyond "capturing" the actual moment and creating that (at least for me) wonderful moment of escape or deep appreciation of the beauty of nature (spiritually somehow?)that makes me want to view them. More than just a "pretty picture," they lead me to a place...thanks for that!

  4. Thank you, guys. Did you look at the 'studio piece' that came from this? Usually I think they 'lose' a little, but this time I actually like it better (although these photographs are not the best). Paula, you always have such good, direct, and helpful comments! Mar - yes, like a diary, but not. :)

  5. Wonderful composition and color. And the one on the studio blog is just as good if not better.


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