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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Morning Glory, Oil, 6x6

This morning Tim challenged me to capture the luminosity of one of the varieties of Morning Glories gracing the garden. There's a story (of course) behind this. I've always loved these cheerful little flowers, and have struggled to grow them, while other people seem to have them weed-like in their garden. Last year I was NOT to be denied. I bought 300 seeds of varying types of Morning Glories and soaked them overnight to soften them, then carefully planted them around the whole perimeter of the garden. Not realizing this, my dear husband came along a few days later and dug up the entire perimeter to plant sweet peas and peas and beans. Well, this year, I INCREASED the amount of seeds I planted, and staked out the territory (with pleas to Tim to allow them to grow undisturbed), and, well, something 'clicked' and I am absolutely overrun (I'm not kidding, they've practically killed a few rose bushes) by Morning Glories. Well, now that they're here, I'm loving all the different varieties, although, just like me I forgot all their names. (I hope they re-seed, too ;). I tried to keep it kind of loose and only let myself use a small flat soft brush. I also am experimenting with edges, trying the Carol Marine thing of going back and painting overlapping colors back and forth over the edges. I like it... do you?


  1. You certainly captured the luminosity Kelley. I love this painting. Wonderful! I associate blue Morning Glories with my grandmother who used to grow them on our fire escape in New York each summer.

  2. These are my favorite flower next to Sunflower. I had a huge bower of morning glories (bowers of flowers :D)a few years back. Such a heavenly shade of blue.
    Nice complimentary orange background.

  3. Marina gives us a great view into city life. I can picture it.


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