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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Just Nuts, Oil 5x7

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In the studio today I couldn't find anything I really wanted to paint. Like many others, right now politics is on my mind.  And, in the words of my dear friend Joan Brancale, it's "just nuts".  Whichever 'side' you're on, I bet you agree with me that you wish it were over.  I bet the CANDIDATES wish it were over, too!  Anyway, these 3 little cashews, one hazelnut, one almond and one pecan are anthropomorphicized (how's THAT for a good made-up word?) into the voting ranks.  Or rants, which is what it seems like these days!  I thought it would be boring to paint the nuts, but there are so many colors that you have to really pay attention to see.  


  1. great job with a difficult subject! i love finding your quirky paintings.

  2. I love dahlias too! I like the colors in this and the way you handled the petals. I'm sad that the fresh flower season is moving quickly....


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