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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Parrsboro, Day 2

Here I've tackled two little cottages. The quiet here will knock you over. Fabulous. I'm trying to loosen up in my plein air, and the top painting is maybe a little too 'tight' for me. I do love the subject, though. The second one is a little more lively. What do you guys think?

We are in artist's heaven. Who cares what we eat or drink, or when we sleep (I took a nap on the bluff in front of the cottage next door - in the wonderful fresh air, with the scents of balsam and ocean wafting by - I tell you... Heaven....

Also you can check out Mary Sheehan Winn's blog for more photo's & links for this painting trip.


  1. Kelley - I love your plein air paintings made in heaven. I know how hard it is to paint plein air. I just came back from the Catskills (New York) and didn't like anything I painted. I just might go back to painting from photos made on the spot.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I like the first one too! Would be cool to try at different times of the day.
    Sounds like heaven - enjoy!

  3. I've started cutting and pasting responses I get in my email that are comments for the blog - if you dont want your name included on the post - just let me know. I'll never use your whole name unless you say it's OK.

    Thanks, guys, for checking out my Nova Scotia pieces!

  4. The top one is my favorite!!

    I envy you the peace, pace, ohhh.

  5. They look great. Thanks for the links 'dear' ;)

  6. Also, want to point out that leaving a comment directly here is helpful to the rest of us who'd love to see the Catskill paintings of the first commenter :)


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