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Sunday, October 5, 2008

LIVE from Parrsboro, Nova Scotia!

 Painting trip to Nova Scotia - (hardly know where I am these days!) with Mary Sheehan Winn who's husband's family is from the Parrsboro area.  She's kindly hosting a little trip - Joan Brancale is here also.  We came up in the Grand Marquis, after all of us promising to 'pack light', and, well, I guess none of us really are able to do that. :)  The scenery is amazing, the cottage is right on the water, and it is truly inspirational.  If you don't like dead quiet this is not the place for you!  The tides are famous for their extreme levels (I would have though "Tsunami!" if Mary hadn't told me.)  I feel the BUTTER should be famous, too...(why IS it so different?).  

Today we explored in the morning, when there was NO wind and it was warm.  Then as the wind kicked up we took out our paints, and I did this - it's the direct view from where we're staying.  The sand is a deep pink, leaving transparent rose colors when the tide comes in at the waters' edge.  I'll try again tomorrow, but for not having done a plein air piece in a long long time, I'm not too unhappy with it!  There is a shadow on the upper and lower right that I didn't see back at the cottage.  We have to come into town to post - no 


  1. Oh...I just realized you went with Mary!!

  2. Yes - Mary Sheehan Winn is the original Parrsboro Fan!

  3. This is exactly what it looks like. Right on Sistah! :D


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