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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

An Example

I got quite a few emails about whether or not the previous post 'Glory' was going to be one of the $50 paintings at my upcoming studio sale.  No, none of the 30x30 sunsets will be 'clearance'.  But here is an example that will be.  There will be a number of 'new' paintings in that category.  Since this is the last year I'm selling at that level, I'm going to have a blast practically giving things away.  
(and if you have bought a big sunset painting, you are eligible for a discount if you decide to buy another one)


  1. Good luck with your studio sale. This one is just wonderful!

  2. Kelley,
    I love this one- the red jeep against the blue is dynamic. I am imagining the frenzy at your big sale and hope to see pictures:) Hope they realize what a treat they are getting with an original Kelley at those prices and they get to see Paco too!! Have fun and hope all goes well. Yay for you on last one!

  3. Agree with KC, there will be a frenzy to get a KCMCD at those prices. What a steal.
    Hope you have great weather, lots of munchkins, and lots of sales.
    Hearing that laugh of yours right now cause I said the word munchkins. Take pictures and post for those of us who can't be there.

  4. I can't wait to hear the outcome of your sale. May the force be with you.


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