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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Flowers And A Sweet Treat, by Kelley MacDonald

These are my very favorite Peonies from my old garden.  What do I love painting more?  The lush pink petals, the frou frou white centers?  Or..... the GLASS?  It's funny, when I start to paint these flowers I always think "CAN I do this?"  then I just stop worrying, and just do it.  And most of the time... it works.  This is a great little gift for a June birthday, anniversary or a 'just because' thing (or for yourself...).  I never get tired of looking at these flowers. 

And, we have big doings this weekend as my oldest son is getting married Saturday (so excited!), but on Sunday you can bet I'll be at the North River Arts Society's annual Festival.  Saturday and Sunday... seriously, great juried show, great crafts, photography, music, food... and a truly amazing art sale (art in the barn).  Here are a few FRAMED paintings I put in.  Really good price.  I decided a couple of years ago that I would only put things in this sale that I would buy myself, or hang on my own walls.  No clearing out of stuff that didn't sell elsewhere, or paintings that just weren't good enough.  So.... here are the candy paintings that will be there:

I guess '3' is the lucky number for me, eh?

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  1. You nailed the edges of the petals! I've been painting glass lately so I love looking at how it's done. Love the candies, too. If I lived closer I'd be at the festival for sure!


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