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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Doing Their Puggy Best, 8x8 Oil

Still working off my 500+ dog show photos. I would rather paint from life, but that would be a little difficult at a Dog Show ("Excuse me... #29, could you and your pug just hold that pose for about 45 minutes?"). I put all the DS (dog show) paintings up on the wall, from first to this one and it was astonishing to me how I have let the dogs get smaller and smaller, and the paintings are more about the 'scene'. I think here and possibly the last couple I was trying to show the relationship between owner or handler and dog. In this one there are even some bystanders. I think I'll go back to a closer-up look at the dogs.

I love the pug ring. These dogs are SO into pleasing people, (well, and those doggie candies that the handlers keep wetting - in their mouths - ugh- mmMmmm). This is diametrically opposed to something called (eurphamistically) "Pug Obedience". This is when the person tosses a ball or doll and encourages the pug to go 'fetch' it. Pugs, I think, view this as a competition WITH THE PERSON.. an opportunity to convince that person that THEY should go get it and bring it back, if it's so much fun..... When my husband and I watched this 'competition' a few years ago we had to leave because we were SNORTING laughing. Most of the time the people ended up 'fetching', by the way. ;)


  1. I love the pug picture! And your description of pugs was dead on! Pugs love to please their people, but not when it comes to fetching or things that require actual work!

    Thanks for visiting our blog!
    Vikki and the Pug Posse

  2. What fun paintings you do, Kelley! I was also interested in your observation about your DS paintings. That's a good idea to compare pieces in a series to see what changes occurred.

  3. Hi Kelly!
    I found your blog through the Pug Posse and I am so happy to meet you! I love your work! Your pug ring painting is amazing!
    Have a great afternoon!


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