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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Winter Bouquet, Oil 6x8

Lest you think I only paint sugar packets and dogs.... I got this bouquet at the supermarket a couple of days ago and I just had to paint it. I dread painting flowers, I simply cannot tell you how much! And Charles Sovek told me I had to paint what I fear - until I am not afraid anymore! I hate failure, and when I get caught up in petals.. **shiver**.. well, I'm doomed. I tried, in this little painting, to let the shadow colors define the flowers and then just add the hits of 'light' on the tips of the flowers where the direct sun was hitting them. I'm not sure that it worked, but I think it's a good direction for me to go in. Dogs again tomorrow, brace yourselves...


  1. Kelly,
    I love the dog series. Wow, on those flowers. I think you listened well to Sovek. I was scheduled to take a workshop from him right before he died. I regret I did not take one sooner. I found out the hard way you can't hold off on goals in life or you will miss out.

  2. Good job capturing the light on these flowers...I can feel the sun!

  3. kelley, your petals look great. you really captured them!

  4. You definitely captured their "flowerness" and I never would have figured that they scared you.

  5. I like the way this turned out. I like the color and the dark background, nice layout too. I tried to get into one of Sovek's workshops in Provincetown but it had a waitlist, I think the length of my arm. I wish I had the opportunity to gain some of his wisdom first hand. I do have one of his books though and this post has reminded me to take another look at it.

  6. I think you did a GREAT job. "Fear of flowers"--ha ha ha; it's fun to hear about what other people dread to paint. I guess for me it would be anything architectural...all that perspective.


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