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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hold That Tail Up... Atta Girl! 8x8 Oil

In the Scottie ring at the dog show, it's important that they keep their tails pulled up high. Scottie handlers spend an awful lot of time coaxing that tail tilted up over their backs. Another odd thing I notice is they like to pick up these dogs (and Cairn Terriers, too) BY their tails and their chins - I asked about it and apparently the reason they don't crop the tails short is that these dogs sometimes (originally) had to be pulled out of the holes they chased prey into - handy to have a nice length of tail to tug on. I love the dignity of the Scottish Terriers, and their endearing expressions. I loved this lady at the show - all pink suited up with her sensible shoes :)


  1. I love your dog show original!


  2. Kelley, the dog show paintings are wonderful! Are these from photos taken at the dog show, or sketches made on site? Or possibly painted live? I'd love to know! They are the the greatest! Hopeful that there will be more to come!

  3. Thanks so much, Tina!

    Nancy, I've tried it all ways but this year I just shot about 500 photos - and am painting from them. It's pretty frenetic at the shows, nobody stands still for too long to sketch from! Oh, yes, not tomorrow, but hopefully Thursday's will be another dog show painting!

  4. I love the dog show paintings too. You really capture the essence of the 'eager to please' demeanor of the dogs.
    Wonderful seeing you at your fabulous studio today.

  5. I love the dog show paintings, they're charming and have a sort of nostalgic air to them. Beautifully rendered!

  6. Mary, that 'eager-to-please' is what attracted me. Maura, thanks for that compiment. Means a lot. :)

  7. I really like your dog pieces, well done!! Bravo


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