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Monday, January 19, 2009

Inaugural Colors, Oil, 6x8

I think I'm a bit stressed out today. On my way to a long overdue visit with a friend this morning I noticed that this little teeny crack I've had in my windshield was growing in leaps and bounds across the whole space of the windshield. So... I pulled over, called my friend and canceled, called Tim and told him to be on 'standby', and grabbed a coffee to console me on my ride home. I noticed that the coffee shop was decked out in red, white and blue, and even the pastries were all decorated. Consumed with having to pay for a new windshield (not covered by my insurance anymore), I couldn't figure out the whole motif. I thought "Does Martin Luther King Day have colors associated with it?" DUH - the inauguration tomorrow! So, here's my Red, White & Blue salute to Inauguration Day, my big tubes of Utrecht paint!

I've seen other artists paint their paint tubes before but always thought it would be too hard. Now this is not saying this is a great painting or anything, but it was fun! I'm taking tomorrow off to watch the Inauguration, but don't be surprised if I end up bored after a while and drag my pochade box out to paint and end up posting something anyway!


  1. This is a really good painting! I especially love that it is about art AND a metaphor for political happiness.

    Really good.
    Enjoy the wonderful day tomorrow!

  2. Kelley I really think you did a nice job on the tubes. I really see the reflective qualities of the foil. I would think it is tricky to pull it off. You have inspired me to give it a try!

  3. I love paint tube paintings and the metaphor is right on. God Bless America and President Obama.I see that the car 'issues' go on and on :(

  4. Nice painting!! Ohhh did you get that windshield fixed?

    I painted paint tubes once in my journal pages and really enjoyed it.

  5. Well, you certainly did a great job....I love the way you handled the tubes. I will never not have glass insurance again as I have several windshields replaced........good luck with that.

  6. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving that nice comment. If you're really wanting a pug I've got two you can choose from ;) Just kidding. They're hard work, but they're fun.

  7. Very professional painting! And for such a great historical event. Love it.

  8. Really like this one! I should visit more often... Love your work.

  9. Wow. I'd like to thank everyone for their comments on this one. I love to try different subjects, and this one was a challenge I'd put off for years. Happily, I think it worked out, well enough anyway, and I really appreciate all your comments. It means a lot, it really does.

  10. The paint tubes turned out great!

    It might be neat to send Utrecht a jpeg of this painting. I'm interested to know what they think of it!

    Looks like something you'd see on their catalog cover.



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