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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Stacked, Oil 6x12

And now for something a little different, for me, anyway. I'm a mug collector, and liked these color together. I'm really envying all you people who are in Florida - I don't care that you're complaining that it's 50 degrees - we are battling chunks of ice that I think will never go away! These cups were challenging, but I tried to keep your eye roving up and down the stack.


  1. Well, you did that for sure..........don't you love the unusual formats? I do....stay warm.

  2. Kelly, I like this one. The colors are great. Your eye does travel up the stack. You must have a good collections. I'm into depression glass and old linen but my collections is not too elaborate. As for my input on the cold...Burrrr!

  3. I like the mugs...and about Florida...Wednesday morning I was scraping ice off the windshield! It was very cold for a couple of days...then thankfully warmed up!

  4. Patty, I DO love the unusual formats! At first 'square' seemed unusual!

  5. hi kelley!
    these are fabulous! the colors, weights of the mugs and balancing is just perfect!
    :) melissa

  6. This painting is great. I really like the format and colors.

  7. Very fun painting, well done too. It's funny, the other day I stacked up some little bowls like your mugs and then thought, Nah, don't want to deal with all the ellipses. :)

  8. This is great! I love the vintage colors. ANd I agree about square was different at first. Ever since I got these 6 x 12's they have been so much fun!
    Great job....

  9. These are wonderful! Great job!

  10. The composition on this is absolutely brilliant!

    Love all the colors and the unique size of this painting.



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