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Friday, January 23, 2009

"You Are The BEST Dog" or "Pug Hug", Oil, 5x7

I just couldn't decide on the title of this one. The pug pictured had won a ribbon (first, I think) and her owner/handler was SO thrilled with her she got down on the floor and the dog jumped into her arms - soooo adorable. I made the choice to focus more on the dog and make it larger, and I like it much better. Can you even tell it's a pug? My husband said it was confusing because the girl's bangs were hanging down straight, blocking her whole face. But I left it like that, like it actually was, because it was the embrace that was important, not her face, or even the pug's face.


  1. hi kelley!
    oh i love it!
    yes! i can tell it is a pug from a mile away!

  2. Hey Kelley,
    I can tell it's a pug!! I think the piece is awesome.... it really shows the owner's love for her baby!
    Those art panels at Dick's are 40% off right now. I buy the studio brand and gesso them myself. It really keeps the cost down!

  3. Kelley, Your dog show series is adorable. I love this one, the nuetral colors are great! You really captured the feeling of joy between the pug and the trainer.

  4. Kelley, I instantly recognized that puggy bottom and the curley pug tail! Wonderful painting, it is a story all in itself. I think anyone who knows pugs will know this is a pug immediately.
    I vote for Pug Hug!
    pughugs from Texas...: )

  5. This is excellent. I can really feel the emotion in it! I like both titles, too. I think the obscuring bangs thing totally works.

  6. Enjoyed ALL your latest works. You have such a gift for painting reflections....and dogs!


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