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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Candy Hearts, Oil, 5x7

I bought these yesterday at the supermarket, thinking it would be sweet to explore these little pastel shapes. When I opened the bag today I got a little shock - they've 'updated' the words, so, yes there are still about 1/2 the usual 'Kiss Me', and 'My Boy', etc., but now there are... "U GO GIRL", "GOT CHA" and "E-MAIL ME". EMAIL ME? Well, I guess I'm getting old... but there were a few others I'll try to get in tomorrow, as well as the sweet ones. I just had some more dog show photos printed and would pick them up except today (Wednesday) there's a bit of a storm here, so maybe it'll be tomorrow. Oh, and you guys should check out blogs of some of the folks that have been commenting here, Melissa And Emmet, Manon Doyle, The Pug Posse, Nancy and the Fatties.... um... I hope I haven't left anyone out! Oh, and get your kleenex out when you visit Nancy and the Fatties, which I recommend you do!


  1. Hey Kelley,
    Thanks for the shout out...... as my daughter would say! LOL!
    I've really been loving your paintings and this one is no exception! I do think the new sayings on the hearts are........ totally cool....LOL!

  2. Kelley, What a great subject and so well done. I love your pastel colors and the subtle reflection of the pastel hearts on the white
    ground. Perfect!

  3. Kelley, What a great subject and so well done! I love the pastel colors reflected on the white ground! Perfect, as usual!

  4. Hi Kelley! *waving paws* love your Valentine's hearts! thank you for mentioning my blog. You've cited three of my absolute best pals, Manon, Melissa and the Pug Posse family! I'm in such good company today.
    warm pughugs from chilly Texas...

  5. Kelley, I like this painting alot. I might be a little biased as I love those little candies along with any other jaw breaking candies! This is a reminiscent piece.

  6. Manon I like your take on the 'new' sayings... There are a LOT of 'codes' that I still don't 'get' ;)
    Nancy, I'll take your 'chilly' Texas any day of the week - and Hello to the waving paws!
    Diane... at least one more coming - and I bought a different brand of 'hearts' to try!

    Thanks so much, you guys for commenting - I mean it, it's so great to see them!

  7. Wonderful job, Kelley. Reminds me a little bit of Wayne Thiebaud.

  8. What a fun painting! They look so yummy. When I first read the hearts I thought you made up the words. Until I read your comments. They should probably make one that says "text me!" My son never talks on the phone anymore or even email, just texts.

  9. hi kelley!
    oh these are just delicious! i love visitng you everyday! thank you for the sweet mention. you are the best!

  10. HA! Kendra, tomorrow morning's post is more of these crazy hearts! Thanks so much, Edward - I'm going to check out Wayne T's work again!

  11. I had to laugh when I saw this painting...I get such a kick out of this particular treat every year. My favorite saying was one we saw when I was in said, "Hi Bub!" My roommates and I laughed for days about that one because that was a ridiculous expression even it those days of yore!

  12. These are very cool! That orange one is especially nice.

  13. They say "Email me" now?!!! Oh my god, that cracks me up like you wouldn't believe. (With no kids, this is the sort of thing I never hear about.) Awesomely fun painting!

  14. LOL
    Oh, I guess we're old? You do these so well. Reminds me of one of my favorite KCM paintings from 2 years ago? The valentine cake which was sublime!


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