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Monday, January 12, 2009

Just Washed My Hair And Can't Do A Thing With It, Oil, 6x8


This chocolate brown Standard Poodle is ready for her hairdo. I will not comment on what I think of all the 'hairdo dogs', Poodles being the most extreme. I will thank you all for your comments and encouragement in the Dog Show series - - I'm looking at this image and seeing it might be a little blurred - but I don't have time right now to do a new one - we are in the middle of a plumbing emergency (oh.... toilets!) and I'm supposed to be running off to get some vittles while the water is off ....


  1. The first thing that struck me is the pallete, I love the relationship between all of the colors used. Great poodle!

  2. Your dog series is great. Can't wait to see each new pooch!

  3. Again, love the attitude this dog seems to possess...good luck with the plumbing emergency...not exactly a good time!

  4. Amazing! Love your work! Hi Kelley - thanks for visiting my blog today. So fun to find such a talented artist just by accident!

  5. Great dog Kelley! Your blog is terrific! Thanks for stopping by mine!
    The vision board was pretty easy once I got going! Actually, I really was into it! You should give it a try!!

  6. Thanks Maura, I used a limited palette - ultramarine blue, cad. red light, cad. yellow, burnt umber and white! Pam and Paula, thanks so much - and Nancy (and the fatties) and Manon - Welcome and thanks for your comments!

  7. Dear Kelley,
    I really do enjoy all your doggie paintings.. really charming and a truth to them that is rare. Diane Scott


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