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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's The Real Thing, 8x8 Oil

I've been saving a couple of small bottles of Coke since a holiday. I won't say WHAT holiday, but it was a long time ago! I loved the taste of the soda from these bottles when I was a kid, and I thought I'd like to explore the way the light hits the greenish glass bottle, then goes through the brown liquid, turning it red, orange and gold. Then, throw in a shadow (on a polka dotted fabric)... and you've got a loooong Daily Painting session! But I love a challenge, and loved doing it.


  1. hi kelley!
    it is fantastic! i love the colors and textures you used!
    :) melissa

  2. You really captured the colors and reflections of the bottle.

  3. This is (well I was going to say fantastic and I saw Melissa's comment)...but heck I'll say it anyway...fantastic!!

  4. I love this one! I also used to drink these as a kid! We'd go to this little place and have these awesome hotdogs and a cold bottled Coke! Yum!!
    Your painting has brought back a great memory for me!!

  5. Now this I love! I always love when you use the brighter colors! Great job!

  6. You're definitely tastes better out of the old fashioned!

  7. Hi Melissa! Thanks! Pam and Sandy I really appreciate your comments. Paula and Manon - if Coke still tasted like this I'd still drink it! Katie May I'm glad this is bright and colorful enough for you - and I apologize in advance for tomorrow!

  8. Wow, It IS the real thing! - my favorite part, is the top of the bottle ( the greens with the red top) Great detail without being " too much".

  9. Does it even taste the same? I've been drinking DC for so long I wouldn't know, BUT my memories of drinking one of these out of the bottle straight out of the cooler are as fresh as if it were yesterday.
    That was my thought when I opened this.
    Great reflections and logo too.


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