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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Two Hot Dogs, One With The Works, One Plain, Oil 6x8

Two Dachshunds with their owner/handler at the Dog Show. Today I painted with Sally Dean at her studio in Marshfield. It's so wonderful to hang out & paint with other artists sometimes. I love to have my intense alone time at my own studio, where I can just dig in and let it all flow, but it is important, too, to spend some creative time with other artists that you respect. I'm trying to do this every week or so. Anyway, while I was painting I kept backing up right onto Sally's 2 corgi's, Ollie & Winnie, who are adorable in the extreme. I think I rushed this painting a bit, because I didn't get the face on the dog on the right to be what I wanted. I think it was much more complex, and expressive. Sometimes I feel the 'end' of the painting coming and I just make a dash for it.... got to learn to slow d-o-w-n.


  1. So cute..I especially love the one looking expectantly up at her master.

  2. Hi Kelley,
    LOVE your dog show series, especially these guys.

  3. really like the angle of the painting and how it was executed

  4. Thanks, Jennifer,that one is the reason I painted this. Janette I appreciate that! Thanks, Diane!


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