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Sunday, January 4, 2009

How Am I Doing? Oil 8x8

Corgi's in Ring 10! When I went to the Ladies Dog Club show at the Bayside Exposition Center last month, one of my favorite events was the Corgi's (Pembroke). This sweet girl was looking up at her handler constantly, wanting to know if she was doing a good job. I don't know if she actually won anything, but she was a winner in MY book. I tried to keep it loose and simplified (it's about the dogs, not about the shoes, after all), and I had a LOT of fun doing this.

If interested, this is $100 through Paypal, simply email me at


    that loooks like Winnie and Ollie!

  2. What a lovely painting! It is so difficult to capture animals' personalities without making them too cutesy. Well done!

    Genevieve R

  3. I like the layout and colors in this one. Corgis rule!

  4. That is one fabulously painted dog!!!

  5. Great example of what happens when you paint what you love! Fresh, animated and dear.

  6. Sally, you know I always check out the Corgi's partially BECAUSE of Winnie and Ollie! Thank you so much, Genevieve - and I'm so happy that you commented! They do Rule, Paula, I agree. Jala and Joan - thank you so much!

  7. Kelley,
    I admire how brave you are with your subjects. Well done.
    I am working on another book but the "book" I was talking about was the short one page thingy I put on my blog. Guess I wasn't clear!

  8. I really like the movement in this -- I love all the different subtle colors in the dog's coat ... and the loose brushstrokes ... nice one, Kelley!

    By the way, my "spring break" is over; it's 45° today and it's supposed to get down to freezing tonight. Not quite as cold as you guys, but good weather for cuddling up by the fire!

  9. Love your last two pictures, Kelley. You have really captured the grayness of our home area without making it look dead and depressing and I love the movement in the dog.

  10. Your dog show paintings are wonderful, Kelley! I especially love the Corgi one - beautifully handled.

  11. Joyce - I'll wait for the new book, that's for sure! Thanks for the 'brave' comment!
    Karen, this means a lot to me, coming from the 'Queen' of sensitive dog paintings!
    Patty, Ed, thanks for the positive comments, it means a lot!


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