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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jefferson Monument, DSFDF, Oil, 5x7

This little painting was submitted to Karin Jurik's Different Strokes From Different Folks Blog. As I mentioned before, she posts a photo, and everybody sends in their interpretation. This nocturne was my submission. Be on the lookout for a few new dog show paintings this week. Thanks for all your comments and encouragement - boy, it matters like you couldn't even imagine!


  1. Kelley, I was sure that I already left a comment on this beautiful post. Perhaps, I am losing my mind, not surprising. Anyway, I will leave a comment now, and if I'm repeating myself, please delete. Here goes, I am so impressed with your diversity. You paint everything so well, landscapes, people, animals, and, of course, still life! All of your work is just outstanding, no matter what the subject! Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Hello Kelly, I've been following the DSFDF Jefferson Monument paintings and I must say, this is probably the best one (for me).


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