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Monday, February 2, 2009

San Francisco Victorian, Oil - 8x6

This painting was submitted to Karin Jurick's Different Strokes From Different Folks Challenge. Wow. I put off attempting it because it was, for me, a perspective nightmare... 2 towers, sloping foreground, complicated roofline, a bare tree - there was a wroght iron fence that I omitted. Anyway, back to fun stuff today! I spent yesterday stuffing my husband and sons with Superbowl food - homemade calzones, homemade pizza, buffalo chicken, shrimp, chips, cookies and nuts. Surprisingly we are all still alive today (although on a little restrictive diet...:).


  1. Kelley, What a great job! That looks really challenging! The colors, the prespective , it all turned out well!
    And you cook and bake too! I'm impressed! You are wonder woman!

  2. Very nice job, Kelley. I really like the beautiful soft colors you used. Wow, you had quite a fun day yesterday with all of that good food! Me and my little cavalier king charles spaniel, Sophie, watched the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet.

  3. hi kelley!
    oh i absolutely love it!
    i am so glad you had a fun sunday with your family!
    :) melissa

  4. Thanks, Nancy - I like to cook anything that required home made dough! It's my one real thing I can always count on. The term 'easy as pie' is true for me - but the learning how to make a light,flaky pie crust (as well as good bread & pizza dough) was hard won, I'll tell you! Edward, thank you, I didn't know you had a King Charles...(I TVo'ed the Puppy Bowl ;)

  5. I love your take on it! I kept telling myself I needed to try this one but I was too lazy to tackle it because of all the things you mentioned.

  6. Kelley, you did a fabulous job! It looks fantastic!
    It sounds like your Superbowl spread was yummy!

  7. I hear you, Kerri! :)
    Yes, Manon, we're not football fans, but any excuse for a feast! Thanks, Sandy, for checking in!


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