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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Same Carnations, Different Vase, Oil 6x8

An artist friend from Hull, MA, Jeanne MacFarland, came to paint at my studio today. We changed the vase from yesterday, and she put this little glass vase in my 'black box' with a black velvet background and a lime cloth under that wonderful clear plastic. I didn't realize all my photos were blurry till I got home and tried to post - I'll shoot another one tomorrow. After painting and eating (very important) we hit a few of Warren's many Antique shops, then went to the local coffee shop so I could see photos on her computer (love that WiFi) of her daughter's SIX brand new pug puppies. I'm going to have to get one of those photos and post it on my studio blog! Wrapping up the day by sipping Coffee Cabinets (do you know what they are? a delectable whirled combo of coffee syrup, coffee ice cream, malt powder and milk - mMMmm!) from Delecta's old fashioned Pharmacy, Jeanne went home, but left me with her painting of the carnations - I'll post that tomorrow!


  1. Kelly,
    What a great set up. I am going to try the box set up and perhaps the plastic wrap method tomorrow. Great painting. In fact I have enjoyed many of your latest.

  2. Love the reflections on the table. Very nice composition and feel to this painting.

  3. Braavo, Kelley. I love it especially the softness shown in the vase and the lemon wedge. Your painting seems to be changing every day. Thanks for the very nice comment you left on my blog.


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