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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Empty, 8x8 Oil

This is your basic Crate & Barrel pitcher.* I keep it in the studio for Sangria (wait... I don't make it for MYSELF - it's for when I have company there!) So I do enjoy painting glass so much, and didn't have anything else to paint (if you could see my studio you'd get a kick out of that), I just put a lime-y green cloth under it and watched the reflected light. I thought I'd go cross-eyed! Aside from my directional lamp, there was light coming in from 3 sides (and rather than control it I thought I'd just try to paint it!). Ooooh, I'm getting an idea - of all the cut-up fruit for sangria in this.... I'll try that one of these days! In Rhode Island it's gotten in to the high 30's, and THAT's cause for celebration!

*Short story behind "basic Crate & Barrel pitcher..." - I bought one, brought it home and broke it while washing it before it's first use. The next week I bought another one and dropped it after I used it once... so this is #3, and you would not believe how careful I am with this one!


  1. Kelley, This is really well done, beautiful! I can see why you like to paint glass, you're really good at it!
    I'd love to see pictures of your studio. It must be a really nice place if you serve sangria! I'll be right over!

  2. Thanks, Nancy, there is a LOT of glare on this piece - sunny day + 13 windows on 3 sides of the studio equals a lot of glare! :)


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